Pump up your perception (training apparatus). Volume One

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Pump up your perception (training apparatus). Volume One
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© Pavel Kamyshov, 2023

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Pavel Kamyshov

Volume One

Pump up your perception. (Training apparatus)

From the author.

Every year more and more methods of discovery and development of abilities appear. There are enough schools and systems for this, so we will leave this area to professionals. We will analyze in detail the very mechanism of perception in order to understand what actually happens in awareness and how to improve its quality. Our mind is constantly comparing external information with information in its memory, this is its function. There are special exercises that make this comparison more accurate and effective.

What is understanding? This is the ability to adjust the match, a kind of matching adapter, the function of which is to provide a sense of matching the external descriptions with the internal ones. The ability to feel the correspondence, or the ability to adjust one’s attention to the correspondence with the surrounding information, is understanding. It can be developed independently of any knowledge and used incredibly effectively. For the qualitative promotion of perception, other relevant skills are also needed, which must be developed by training using special exercises.

In the process of training, I will not only give knowledge, but I will teach you to get the necessary knowledge on your own! That is, I will not give you a fish, but I will teach you how to catch it. My teacher says:

– Learn to learn – that’s enough.

Everyone will be able to choose for themselves trainings and states in which he will learn to adjust the correspondence with the selected source. Now I will briefly talk about each training or mini-course.

The course “Simulator of the feeling of correctness.” According to Gyott, there are no truths at all, neither absolute nor relative. It’s all spam, just spam. What is knowledge?

– For you, this is a strictly defined state in which some information becomes a key, a catalyst for an internal state of conformity, a feeling of complete understanding. For each, this setting code, the state coordinate, is individual. And in order to determine it, this own setting for understanding, the individual coordinate of the state of clarity, there are many ways of spiritual development. We will define it as our innate, underdeveloped skill and, first of all, we will develop it with special training. Omitting all the wrappers of its essence. The state of sensation of clarity achieved by training will itself clarify and reveal the understanding and knowledge we need in order to maintain the correctness of our further presence. Before comprehending the world around you, you need to understand how well, rather correctly, you know how to do it. After all, any success, speed and quality of development will depend only on this. Truth is not a system of knowledge and concepts, it is primarily an innate feeling, a sense of conformity, a sense of correctness. The strength and quality of which can be developed by appropriate training. Gyott’s teaching became this training for me. All specific workouts and exercise descriptions are included in the app.

The Perceptual Insight State Settings course offers trainings in which everyone will learn to select for themselves the individual settings of various states of perception. Any insight, intuition or visitation of the Muse is rare or even impossible, only because the settings of these unique states are random, rare, and sometimes simply not available to most. And why is this so? Why all of a sudden only a select few are indebted to enlightenment? Because no one develops this skill. Does not pick up the daily settings of the necessary states in which his own perception resonates with the quality of perfection. Conventional resonance state technologies are used in my unique trainings. Of course, not everything is so simple, and training can take a lot of time. But this, as in any development and training, depends on the person himself, his diligence and discipline.

“Gyott’s Teachings” is the main training for expanding perception and improving understanding. Teaching is a training stimulator, a simulator for expanding and deepening perception! Truth is not some kind of formula, it is primarily a feeling, an innate sense of correctness. And for everyone, this feeling can be improved only by its natural adjustments of correspondence and constant training in the appropriate exercises. Each lesson for me-and became such an exercisem, setting up the state of insight, connecting to the information field. Training, where each phrase describes the state of my sense of correctness, the quality of Perfection. The teaching is aimed at developing this feeling independently, so that you can take care of everything yourselfand understand it in detail! Its repeated reading increases and deepens understanding, trains the ability to feel the quality of perfection and the ability to express this unique process in words. My path of development is clearly traced from lesson to lesson, as the coordinates of sensations in euryacal states of insights of perception of the Quality of Perfection.

The course “Direct initialization of abilities” is a synthesis of great discoveries during the development of civilization. The course is the most difficult, but also my favorite, because I put all the cream of my own development in the field of qualitative perception jumps into it. A qualitative leap in development is the dream of any person. I’ve been looking for answers from alchemists for years. After all, the philosopher’s stone is the golden correspondence of the catalyst for a qualitative transformation of the properties of objects, attention, awareness and even spirit. I searched in various teachings and religions. What is the mechanism of initiations that increase the quality of the initiate? Sometimes a single touch is enough to trigger a catalyst and start a chain reaction of healing or enlightenment. No, of course I won’t give any answers, and I don’t have the Grail either. There are effective trainings based on the principles of these technologies to develop skills and abilities.

I was one of the first to master” Necessity Creation Training”. Of course, creating an intent is quite enough for many people, but creating a need is more effective by definition. I’m not going to argue with anyone, insist on my own and advertise. As I was trained, so I suggest. Necessity is a side chapel of desire in an impulse, so it does not need advertising in itself. All special training exercises will be available in the appendix to this course.

All courses are based on the development of skills, through constant training. Clarity of vision is primarily the correctness of the view. How you need to look to really see the surrounding essence. We have never trained the abilities we want to possess. Even being happy does not depend on circumstances, but primarily on the developed sense of conformity, correctness or quality of perfection. We don’t have superpowers just потомуbecause we don’t develop them.

The uniqueness of the courses lies in the effectiveness of the trainings. Even if you don’t become “magicians”, your life will be filled with unforgettable events of inner discoveries. I am a tech guy, and I look at all skills exclusively from the technological point of view ofactive application. The main курс bes courseis paid and it is quite voluminous. All courses are quite simple and easy to use. Individual training can be ordered at: pasha230766@mail.rumail.ru

Or here: https://vk.com/gyott://vk.com/gyott

Some video lectures: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSewonLKY://vm.tiktok.com/ZSewonLKY/

The course” Learning in dreams” is very easy to advertise. I have about seven dreams each time in one night. In each of these dreams, I learned to spend anywhere from two weeks to a year and a half. In order not to waste my time there, I started traveling and studying. How do I learn this? For this purpose, I have developed special trainings and technologies that develop special skills for anyone who candream. In the collection “Training in dreams” I tell you dreams in which I flew around the entire universe, explored many parallel worlds, met and got acquainted with everyone I could remember, find or even invent. Everywhere I went, I gained unique knowledge and experience, which I recorded in my many diaries and intend to pass on in my books. The topics of my process of self-development, expansion of perception, the mechanism of understanding, and in general the quality of presence, are very diverse. I will try to share with you all the incredible corners of the impossible that touched my attention Wanderer.

All of the above is taken from the appendix to the “Gyott Teaching” – “Practical exercises”. This book contains a few of them, the rest can be ordered individually.

The Teachings of Gyott or the Chronicles of Becoming.

Written in 1991, revised and supplemented in 2011—2022.

Part one

Gyott’s teaching is a training stimulator of paradoxical development, a stream of positive forms. The sensation of Truth, the qualities of Perfection, is a merger with the correct and harmonious form of Existence, which does not allow any flaw, therefore, constant contact or merging with it reflects its qualities in the awareness, expands perception, develops thinking, reveals abilities and heals from any ailments. Designed to develop a sense of rightness in the attached intention. When studied carefully, it is a spiritual practice that will test and initiate the elect.


…The level of illumination depends not so much on the source of light, but on the quality of the vision.

Lesson 1.

You will be a Genius when you set out on your path and understand clarity and simplicity. You’re blinded by the hustle and bustle, so the world is complicated. You don’t have enough energy, because it’s often wasted. You see the main thing, but it is blurred by today. Simplicity in clarity. This is the main thing if faith is at the level of confidence, necessity. Wisdom is everywhere, stupidity is in us, because we are blind. To see, you need to awaken your perception. To see, you need to sharpen his attention. Learn to look and see. Learn to learn, that’s enough. You will do this because you have no other way.

Lesson 2.

We are what we think we are. Define everything yourself, Being is perceived definiteness. Clarity is the correspondence of perception. Force is a movement of the will. Intuition – a sense of the future. Understanding is merging. Desire is attraction. Everything you need is possible and sufficient. The eyes look, but the attention sees. The paradox is the wisdom of its absence. Fear is the feeling of the unknown. Any sensations are generated by comparison. Does the body belong to you, or do you belong to the body? Desires take up time, they are not always ours. Learn to control their belonging in yourself and in others. The discrepancy is killing us. Only submission feeds power. Don’t take it too close. Don’t do too much. Nothing should give rise to excitement. Everything dies to be reborn. Everything that exists belongs to someone. You can’t take more than your own.

Lesson 3.

Let work become peace, let peace become work. You only do what you understand, so understand what you’re doing. You only see the level of your perception around you. Your world is your form. Fate is the certainty of your time. Happiness is only in conformity. It’s all a hoax, as long as everyone has their own truth. The form of the world is absolute, so only the attitude to it changes from the perception of it. There is no excuse for our inaction, but we always find it. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do your own thing. The result of any action depends on the depth of the applied perception. The energy of form as its perfection. Let confidence be at the level of a saint.

Lesson 4.

The picture of the world is formed by our perception. Any word has any meaning. Remember how it will be! Use the intermediate information in the forms. There are no hidden truths, there are hidden rules. Become attentive without paying attention. Do not be deceived by anything, do not be sad about anything, your life is just a hint of perspective. For a firm step, create solid ground. Don’t go to extremes, stick to them. Learn from those who teach, do not leave them without bread. Don’t complain about life to those who created it. Don’t be afraid to start over, don’t be afraid to start over. The world is not always? depends on your understanding of it. In any case, the most important thing is the little things, only they are vulnerable. If you don’t know the little things, you don’t know anything. Not tied shoelace, can decide any outcome of the case. Philosophy of the world, expressed in everyday life. Calling a fire on yourself will either warm your hands or burn you like garbage. I don’t always talk about what you understand. Different meanings determine the level of depth of understanding, are raised to any degree of correspondence, and determine the relationship.

Lesson 5.

Any generosity and charity is an illusion, because everything is done from dependence, no matter what. There is enough energy around for any action. Any ability leads to a reduction in costs. Order is the essence of the form. Insight is the right key, matching solutions and problems. Permission lies in necessity. Clarity is hidden in their merging. Don’t limit yourself to understanding. Timeliness is your essential gait. Everything is given through labor, or in debt. Create the necessary circumstances, using any. Time is conditional, only in the understanding of it. There are thoughts that will never cross your mind, think about them. The truth only corresponds to its time.

Lesson 6.

Perceive knowledge by feeling it. Work on yourself will always provide everything you need. There are no hopeless situations, but the ignoramus always finds them. A move against fate results in her strikes. Correct behavior is the basis of compliance. It always depends on how you behave. It will replace any disadvantage and dignity. Those who know the essence of the move will never take an extra step. Don’t trust anyone, not even yourself. Our life is in correction. Development-fixing the World. A high-quality approach is needed for a high-quality jump. If there is nothing to learn from, learn from mistakes. You do everything to the best of your conscience. All doors will open to you if you don’t open them in the wrong direction. There is no ban on the impossible, take advantage of this freedom, find simplicity in genius. Be what you can’t be. Let reality shudder with delight! Absence begets presence. A lot of things didn’t happen until they became familiar. There will be something that you will give time to. Aspiration – help.

Lesson 7.

The paradox of Truth is its correctness. Remember that if it’s 48, then it’s 137. To achieve the goal, direct confident calmness. Sure necessity – there is a stone thrown into the water, circles are inevitable. A cause always has an effect. The relationship between them can change. Time will preserve the order if it allows you to access it. Don’t wait for clarity, create it. Everything that happens is in your favor. Knowledge and ignorance are always enough to make you think. The world is not your idea. God has set aside time for you, set aside time for Him. My lessons are just a preface to your teaching. Everything has its own level of manifestation, so it’s hard to say what isn’t there for sure. Everyone goes no further than the Truth and understands no more than it. Not every moment will rise above Eternity. Do you have enough time to lose it!? Solving problems does not reduce their number, because all problems are one – ignorance. Understanding is a pleasant illusion. Everything will happen by itself, if you don’t interfere. Karma – inertia of forms of former actions. Everyone has a part without karma. Let the result imply the cause. It doesn’t matter what quality the world is, the Master only needs his own presence…

Lesson 8.

The nature of the lower ones is the art of the Higher Ones. The power should not be explicit. Absence has its own definiteness. Significance determines attention. Live the practice of purification. We fill in the appropriate field. There is no truth anywhere, but it is done everywhere. There is only the perceived, and everything else is your blindness. The world is bound by form. Increase your spirit density. Life is the way to Yourself, don’t waste it on fuss. You always act according to your level!? Fusion is the foundation of the path, it gives knowledge and abilities. The form contains you, if you contain it. Only when you forget, it happens exactly like that. The new is a deepening of constancy. Go not to old age and death, but to childhood and birth. Confidence unfolds its manifestation. Ideas rule the world!? All differences contain unity. Don’t distract the world from “your” business. Reason refracts the light of Truth, and desires distort the will. Everything happens accordingly. Everyone has their own view of the same thing, not always correct and not always their own.

Lesson 9.

Persistence is always in line with the current. Everything is repeated in a new way. Desires are an indicator of education. All functions are vehicles of the will. Every moment preserves Eternity, every point contains the Abyss. Compliance keeps us. Why do you perceive only the world corresponding to itself? Being is relative. Walk into your dream. Hierarchy in the world at the level of functions. You foresee what will happen, then let what you foresee happen. Something that you have not even tried to do is hardly impossible. Try not to condemn yourself to helplessness. Does luck shine the same for everyone or does it sort? What do you take from what is given to everyone? Time leaves us when we lose it. Life and fate know whom to keep. Everyone has their own main thing. Is correctness measured equally!? To understand the Signs, learn the rules. A wish that comes true goes completely through the labyrinth of circumstances. The error of the strong is deeper. You can’t give what they can’t take. Confidence is the concentration of faith. Necessity is the limit of desire, Law is the limit of necessity. Holy is your conscience. Everyone is brilliant in some way, stupidity in determining the choice. A hopeless situation is the best provocation of your power.

Lesson 10.

Deepen your fiction with ease of use. It is useless to look for a reason that prevents you from merging with everything you need. The mechanism of Being is in your brain, even if you don’t pay attention to it. Now, that’s what it’s always been. Any nuisance hints at the exact smoothness of timely matching. Worthlessness has no patron. The creator didn’t create anything unnecessary. The struggle of opposites is only a condition of development. In any case, integrity is inevitable. Potential difference – the value and quality of the level. All measurements are similar, respectively. Genius, by the way, is only an elementary thing. Truth cleanses. Establish yourself in your own eyes, reflected in any of them. Now-it’s always elementary. Any imagery of what is observed has a Symbolic character. Dreams are the world of the subconscious mind. Wake up again! Any fact is already a Hint Sign. Yes, let every sighted person, the root in the eye! The necessary image of what is happening is an applied perception. A mountain is always on the way, if you can’t see the plain. Anyone’s move, maybe someone’s move. All problems are similar, in fact. Let the Truth open your eyes to it. Any phrase in the applied perception is a spell. Action – a ritual of magic. Impossible – no, and will not be!

Lesson 11.

If you can’t explain something to the first person you meet, you don’t understand it yourself. Truth is determined by the happiness of understanding it. There is no evil, there is ignorance. Learn to walk from Fortune. By merging with the Truth, you leave it no choice. Choose yourself as an initiation. You’re a flawed model of Genius. Let your fear shape your victory over it. The difficulty of the path depends on the body’s habits. Only the Creator knows why the Truth is true. Your dreams evaluate and teach you. The power of faith in confidence. The truth is already clear, reasoning is far from it. The teaching develops itself in you. The truth cures all physical and spiritual ills by its definition of right form. In any case, do not rush to act, but God forbid you be late. Death passes by those with whom it is not on the way. True, not always True. They don’t believe in it, they are sure of it. Holiness is least dependent on religion. The power of Good is in unity. If you ask for salvation, then you already doubt it. Everything that cannot exist dies. There is no concept of True faith – there is a sure concept of Truth. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or where you look when you talk to God.

Lesson 12.

Limit your addiction to your body’s desires. No matter what it’s doing, mind your own business. You tell others in your dreams that they are not real, it is just as difficult as here. Reality, through a change in perception, generates its new manifestation. It is not terrible to awaken your spirit, it is terrible not to try. Compare the romp of the body with your understanding of action. All the reasons have a common component. It is very important what color you see white. You can wake up slowly, it’s a matter of taste. A genius sleeps in everyone, but who wakes it up? In any work, there is the art of a magician. A real Student, he turns into a lesson that you will not miss. Learn as no one else teaches. You are not given knowledge until you take it. Leave the concept of the impossible to those who specifically believe in it, so as not to do it. Smile at the Absence with a hint. I will not give you knowledge, I will discover it in you. The body does nothing compared to what it can do. But at least it wakes up every day. And you? What can you do without a body? At least keep an eye on what it’s doing.” Figure out what it wants and what you want. You live for it or it lives for you. I’m not saying this out of respect for your careful understanding. We need to face the truth, and not invent a fight for it. Just because you have power doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Start healing the world with yourself. Love and conscience do not deceive us, it is we who deceive them.


Lesson 13.

Try to do every little thing right. It doesn’t matter what you show the Truth in, as long as you get used to it. Wealth also varies, if it is worth anything at all. A corrupt soul always has a price. Stop looking at others, let them look at you. The laws of Nature are the will of the Creator. Let any movement train you. When you dance with everyone, because only you have the shaman’s dance. Don’t let your body waste your time. Your attention will find a clue in any chatter and events. People will not be able to say too much, and events will fly past your perception. I’m not writing to make you understand, but to keep you awake. If something is wrong around you, look for the reasons in yourself. The world depends on you as much as you do on it. Miracles don’t happen until we look at them. Even now!

Lesson 14.

You are always where you need to be, only the body has a concept of place. Provoke the Magic of any movement in your results. Really committing, in vain and will not lift a finger. Everything will always obey if it wants to. Don’t let the world help you with this. Work only on your conscience, only it really pays. Any reality is the level of your awakening. Only what is necessary brings Happiness. He who understands this does not want anything superfluous. A single match can’t ruin anything. Moreover, people have nowhere and never added guarantees to survive. The case will not save everyone in any way and will not be sorted. A sure necessity, saves more reliably than anything else. Every step you take can be different. Many people lose Time, but you find it. You couldn’t do what you’re doing now, either. The weather is yours!? mood. You will become a wizard when you make a magic wand out of your perception. If you are in the matrix, then it is in you. Weak mind, not a sin to lose. Your body’s desires don’t always match up with your own. In this difference lies the ownership of power. The teaching is given only to those who can take it.

Lesson 15.

The level of intelligence depends on the quality of Time spent. The functions of the actions of others depend on the correctness of your movements. Connect them with your perception and direct them to a positive result. Let everything work involuntarily. After all, their wishes may “coincide” with yours. Who follows their direction? Control the inertia of the current thought, its resonance and correspondence, then the adjustment will be smooth. Someone nearby may have been doing this for a long time. Start thinking right, don’t waste any time. Your attention to others is a caring attitude towards yourself. Who do you see in the reflection of their eyes? Help me, help you. It’s not me who’s here, it’s your time. I have no right to lose it. Any Secret has a passcode that always precludes the impossible. Ignorance is our laziness. Are we too lazy to be happy? Use your conscience about your Time. Only by spending it properly on yourself will you give it to others. What else would you like to do besides be Happy? Then don’t stand on his doorstep. Teaching is a Guardian Amulet. He’s always with you now. Each careful reading will open your “eyes” wider, pointing to “new” messages. The correction of the World is in your perception of it. Do not spoil the Divine Creation in yourself. Don’t waste your time. Life is a chance to make it…

Lesson 16.

Attach the appropriate cause of influence to each movement with your perception. The brains of others, your Internet network, ignorance is out of place here. Feel the interconnection of all movements within and without. If you overestimate yourself, you underestimate others. Then you will always be busy with your own business and will hardly do anything superfluous. The body will gradually get used to practicing High Magic, working as anyone. It is unlikely that anyone will notice how you hone the virtuoso accuracy of cloud movement or market prices while doing your daily routine. Only you will start buying snow in winter. In any communication, you can put love and respect for yourself, if you “merge” with the interlocutor in accordance. You are unlikely to get bored with direct influence training in any job. People around you will become partners in any business you do without knowing it, and enemies will turn into a mystery of entertainment. The teaching is Alive, so it will test you by understanding it, choose it itself and “awaken” the Genius in you, then it will begin to develop in your every move.

Lesson 17.

All diseases are perversions of the body, as long as it is not seriously engaged in anything except aging. Death is not looking for you, it has enough “work” without you. Being has long been waiting for you to take up the mind, and not only for your own. Remember, any evil you do is directed against you, even the thought of it is already aimed at you to kill. Only what is appropriate to you happens to you. Failure is a mismatch, your ignorance, like other forms of evil. The truth is developed by deepening your expanded perception into it. No time for mistakes. Correct understanding of superconductor Time or the way out of it. Let nature itself bring you to the heights of its Art. You need to get ahead of yourself in advance to go where you need to go and in a timely manner. Once you get used to it, you can’t get confused in your ignorance, it will exclude itself. The time will come for meaningful rule paradoxes. Make Being interested in your presence, because you also have its meaning.

Lesson 18.

Don’t think too much about yourself, but think always. The real Magic lies in its “absence”. In life, you don’t really need to change anything. You just need to change the attitude to it on a happy level. Cultivate your desires not only in yourself, provoke training for everyone around you. Don’t accumulate ignorance around you, it is always more dangerous than controlling it. Evil is provoked even by its absence, the potential difference is never zero. The mechanism should be used, and not climb into it with fuel. Believe in the signs that you create yourself. Every fact of nonconformity points to your ignorance. Any meaning can be broken down into meaningless components, as well as into a turnover. You can’t invent the truth, but you can figure out how to use it. Let your own body become an amulet. The truth is in everyone, but not everyone is in it. The secret of the world is that it was created for You, or… you have other options. After all, only a lucky lucky person really has something to share.

Lesson 19.

The past always changes if you remember in detail-how. Time should be spent only on its perspective. The corresponding second is worth more than the non-matching hour. Compliance measures the quality of time per unit of circumstance. The true cost of something is always different from what you pay for it. But that’s the only thing you’re really serious about? you’re doing it every moment of your life. Problems start to seriously decrease from the moment you understand this. Eternity isn’t as big as it sounds… The truth is always deeper than her understanding. You can’t cast out the demon in yourself, you need to defeat it constantly. It is a training for your strength of mind – this is its function. He always wants evil and always does good. Without this struggle, the soul does not change.

Lesson 20.

When you are sure to do what is really necessary, understanding only gets in the way. The greater the satisfaction of either, the deeper the overall update. Karma is really material. Most people, not that they can’t be saved, but simply can’t be saved. Death not only truly divides, but also unites properly. If everyone wrote their own destiny, they wouldn’t make so many mistakes in strangers. Everything you need is enough, the rest is superfluous. Do people think they have the right to choose? Well, how not to choose from the only one that will be for sure. Energy leads us, the absence of it, attracts us to the one that leads. This is a law, not a choice. Understanding and nurturing ourselves (our desires) shapes us as a vehicle for this energy, hence the degree of participation in life. We do not choose what will happen, but how we will perceive it.