Scientific and practical technomagic

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Scientific and practical technomagic
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Scientific and practical technomagic

Eugene Shamala

© Eugene Shamala, 2023

ISBN 978-5-0059-3776-6

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In the economic, technical and, in general, in the scientific community, the question of the ways of developing our civilization is now being rather vigorously discussed. On various discussion platforms, this question sounds something like this: “What technological order awaits our civilization? The industrial order is over. Now the post-industrial one is coming and developing, but it, it seems, also, in all scenarios, will not last long.”

And there are already quite a few futurological pictures of the development of our society. This is a “digital concentration camp” and a rating system like in China, and the economy of consumption according to Schwab, and the worlds of dominant corporations. There are also worlds in which the future is like the past – all on horseback, on flying dragons, with bows and swords – such, like, “battle of thrones”. Sheer horror!

I have my own version of the development and formation of the technological way of earth civilization – this is a techno-magical and techno-spiritual way of development.

This way of life arises as a result of the natural development of science and technology, of course, if this process is not interfered with. If you don’t interfere, then such a branch of science as “Etherdynamics” arises and develops, which, based on knowledge about the Ether, inevitably leads to the emergence and development of etherodynamic technologies, to the development of new views and understandings of the structure of the planetary system, star system, galaxy, universe.

And then all this, unambiguously, leads to an understanding of the existence and role of the Creativity – to the existence of the Creator, to the existence of his creative energies of various directions and purposes. To understanding the Place of these Energies in the creative process, about their physical location. And then, without a doubt, people will definitely learn to establish a connection with these Creative Energies, first with the help of technical devices, and then as a final, already without the use of “technological crutches”, but only using the capabilities, abilities and skills of their own organism.

And thus, the ethereal-dynamic, or techno-magic, mode is transformed into the Techno-spiritual mode.

Ether-dynamic, techno-magical, techno-spiritual technologies, these technologies are quite simple. There is nothing particularly difficult there. In any case, at the first, primitive, stage of their development.

But nevertheless, information about these technologies is kept “with seven seals”, and should get to civilization only when this civilization reaches a certain level of development. Like how we are now. We are now well developed. In all senses. We are ready for it.

But there are situations when information enters civilization earlier than it should. And then there is a distortion in development. And this has already happened, and it is with our civilization.

Somewhere, a little over 1000 years ago, our civilization got knowledge that should not have got to it. I think that for some reason, Prometheus passed this knowledge to us. For this he was later punished. And it started…

Without the elementary development of science and technology, people have learned to fly with the help of anti-gravity technologies. People have learned to replicate (copy) any objects in any quantities. People have learned to build magnificent buildings using the creative energies of the Co-Creators. People have learned to live long and not get sick. People have learned to cut megaliths and move them. Yes, we learned a lot.

It would seem – great! The beauty! But you know the little people – their curiosity is boundless. And once someone tried to connect the incompatible. Squeeze the unimaginable…

People learned to combine various, at first, objects with the help of techno-magical technologies, and then they began to connect living beings.

This is how animal people turned out – centaurs, minotaurs, cynocephals, pegasi, griffins, etc. Co-creators-curators watched. So what? In principle, the Creator did not reject, – it was interesting to observe what this would lead to. And at first everything was fine. We wanted the best, but it turned out, as always.

People let’s experiment and the tower was completely torn off. Absolutely terrible chimeras have gone. All these dragons, but with many heads, man-serpents, man-crocodiles. All sorts of reptiles turned out, and then they got to the insects.

That’s it… And you thought where all these reptilians, insectoids and other indecency come from. The Creator and his team – they created only man. And it turned out okay. But all this rest – these are already people who have tried.

In short, a monstrous imbalance has arisen in knowledge and technology. I had to take immediate action. I had to clean everything up and create a new world, the same as the old one was before all this. This 1000-year-long stage was moved 1000 years ago. We know this period as the “ancient world”. And it’s not ancient at all. Otherwise, how would the buildings have survived for 2000 years? Yes, and European ruin artists captured the ruins of this civilization perfectly. All the old cities of the world are similar in their Victorian style. What about Roman law? How it passed through allegedly 2000 years, and was not lost in the dark ages.

In general, I had to urgently call in “crisis managers” – Satan and his team. Duck, and how many years have they fucked up? A couple of hundred years, that’s for sure. 18—19 centuries – the centuries of the destruction of the old world and the “implantation” of the new. Whole pieces of history had to be pulled out along with the planetary ribbon and transferred. All artifacts of history were thrown into the past. Antarctica was flooded with water and frozen. Cities were covered with soil. This was necessary in order to stop the dome generators operating around the world. The soil was taken here on Earth. The whole Earth is pitted with quarries similar to the Grand Canyon.

They did a great job. Yes, we live in a world created by Satan. So what? Previously, the social structure was based on collectivism, communality, catholicity. And all over the world, the Slavs “kept the maza”! The whole world was under the Slavs! Now individualism is at the forefront. Personal growth, as they say. It’s not bad too. But there is a nuance – individualism gives rise to slavery and exploitation, wars and concentration camps. And it’s all just to satisfy the ambitions of a few people.

All this is very carefully hidden from people. Satan brought the Anglo-Saxons to power and taught them how to create a financial and trading system.

And so we and they will never agree.

And now we have again come to that from which we were torn off. We have already come by the right path, the right and natural way – by the progressive nature of our development.

We will gradually, step by step, remove all the “seals”, reveal all the secrets, look behind the canvas with the “painted hearth” and enter this secret door, whose name is etherodynamics or, in other words, technomagic.

Wand of Hermes. Device. Principle of operation

The Rod of Hermes is a technical device made of matter, but working with an intangible substance, with the building material of matter, with the elements that make up the Space-Time Grid, with that proto-substance that we timidly, but already called ether, with its components, which we call graviton and phonon.

If a lot of people thought about the ether, wrote, talked, talked a lot, and a lot when, then about the forms of its dynamics, about its place in the universe, about the universe itself, about the synergistic structure of man, from society, and even about the beginning of Creation – about it is not enough where and, few people told.

And so, in order to fill this gap, one of the Co-Creators (who called himself O’Jan) sent a teaching called “Kalagiya” to Earth. The teaching came in Russian, which means for the Russians. The Teaching was transmitted in a channel way, through the Prophet. The Prophet Alexander Naumkin accepted the teaching. He now lives in the mountains in Altai.

This teaching is unparalleled in power and informativeness. Personally, I understood only a drop of it, and as a result, I got the book that you are reading. Imagine we understand everything. You can move mountains. In short, study and study for many more years.

I constantly refer to this doctrine – and this is normal, it corresponds to today’s realities and accurately describes and answers the necessary questions posed.

Wands of Hermes, several varieties. But in its classic form it looks like this

Here and now we will consider the Rod, which I call “gravitational” – the Gravitational Rod.

The Rod of Hermes is a technical device that allows you to redistribute the density of the gravitons field in space, thereby changing the direction of the gravitational force in the local area.

At the heart of the principle of operation of the device of the Wand is a phenomenon similar to the phenomenon that we call a gas tornado. This is what a gas tornado looks like:

But the dynamics of gas in the atmosphere and the dynamics of aether are different phenomena, and they are similar only in the first approximation. With a more careful approach, differences appear, which then become more and more significant, and, ultimately, in general, any similarity disappears. Only a resemblance remains.


Therefore, let’s start with how “Kalagiya describes the forms of energy movement. This is written in the 21st chapter of the First Section of the Kalagiya:

“one. It has already been said: “The energy potential will correspond to the degree of its compaction. Condensation of energy is carried out by forcing it into one place, with the application of torque.

3. Rotation has two forms of motion – centripetal and centrifugal.

10. Any viable construction is achieved by the movement of a rotating spiral of energy. Condensation of energy, that is, its injection, is carried out in the same way. In general, any life is built by the movement of a rotating spiral: be it energy or a substance that is composed of energy.

If the centripetal movement of the incoming energy directs the Fire to one place, namely to the Channel of the Movement of Fire, which achieves the discharge of the density of Time and the compaction of Matter (Space) by this Fire, then the centrifugal movement of the incoming energy directs the Fire into radial radiation from the Center of its movement, which achieves the injection of density Time and rarefaction of Matter (Space).

11. Thus, during the centripetal movement of energy, Matter (Space) becomes denser, and the density of Time is discharged in the Center of the Movement of Fire. In the Circle of Influence of Energy in this case the Matter (Space) is discharged, and the density of Time is pumped up; beyond the Circle of Influence of Energy Matter (Space) is condensed, and the density of Time is discharged.

12. During the centrifugal movement of energy, Matter (Space) is discharged, and the density of Time is pumped up in the Center of Fire Movement. In the Circle of Influence of Energy in this case the Matter (Space) is condensed, and the density of Time is discharged; beyond the Circumference of Influence of Energy, Matter (Space) is discharged, and the density of Time is pumped up.”

To obtain anti-gravity effects, the Centrifugal type of rotation of Energy is used. So once again:

“During the centrifugal movement of energy, Matter (Space) is discharged, and the density of Time is pumped up in the Center of Fire Movement. In the Circle of Influence of Energy in this case the Matter (Space) is condensed, and the density of Time is discharged; beyond the Circumference of Influence of Energy, Matter (Space) is discharged, and the density of Time is pumped up.”

Ideally, this formula describes an energy torus consisting of two tori inserted into each other.

In this torus, “Kalagiya distinguishes three zones – the Center of the movement of Fire, the Circle of Energy Influence, and beyond the Circle of Energy influence.

In other words, these are the central channel, the inner torus and the outer torus. This composite torus has charge signs corresponding to the density parameters of the Elements that make up the Space-Time Grid.

In the figure you can see where this torus has pluses, and where are the minuses. Therefore, the central channel and the center itself, the focus, where the energy diverges radially, is charged with a minus. The inner torus, also known as the Circle of Influence of Energy, is charged with a plus. And the outer surface, which is, as it were, a continuation of the central channel, is charged with a minus. We will supply the energy for the launch both to the Central Channel and to the Circle of Energy Influence. The outer surface receives energy from the center.

Why is there a minus, but here is a plus – don’t ask – this is the result of experiments and research.

Now a very important point. Each zone of the energy torus consists of two components – either Space is condensed, and Time is discharged, or Time is condensed, and Space is discharged. And each configuration has its own charge sign.

Space becomes denser, and Time is discharged – this is a plus.

Time is compacted, and Space is discharged – this is a minus.

Then let us clarify that the discharged Time is charged with plus, the condensed Space is charged with plus.

Condensed Time is charged with a minus, Discharged Space is charged with a minus.

We got two pluses and two minuses. Let’s clarify and look at the graphics of the energy tori pattern. To the compacted minus of Time we will add a rarefied minus of Space, and to the compacted plus of Space we will add a rarefied minus of Time.

Gravitons are responsible for Time, and phonons are responsible for Space.

Then, if we condense gravitons, this is a minus. Discharging phonons is also a minus.

And vice versa: we discharge gravitons – this is a plus. We condense phonons – this is also a plus.

And now we come to a very important fact – it turns out that the charge by its nature is not one. There is a graviton charge, and there is a phonon charge.

Then you need to give an approximate formulation of the concept of charge. A charge is a change in the density of the ethereal field in some point local area of the Space in the direction of decreasing or increasing from some initial, “zero” level of this value.

The ethereal field, ether consists of two components, two components of its ethereal substance – gravitons and phonons.

Gravitons and phonons in the first, most primitive definition are energy carriers. Gravitons are carriers of kinetic energy. Phonons are carriers of thermal energy.

Gravitons are responsible for the manifestation of all types of mechanical energy. Including the pressure gradient in the graviton field creates the formation of conditions for such a phenomenon as gravity. Any manifestation of mechanical force can be described as the impact of high-frequency pulses of graviton substance

Graviton is a particle of toroidal shape, filled with energy, which looks like pure Light, like Radiance, like Radiance

The phonon is responsible for the manifestation of all types of thermal energy. All thermodynamics is phonons.

Phonons are filled with energy that looks like Fire and is felt by the senses as a manifestation of a phenomenon called Temperature.

The form of a phonon is the same as that of a graviton – it is a torus, but filled with Fire.

Both the phonon and the graviton can straighten out into the form of a cylindrical spiral, and interacting with each other, provide the manifestation of some other physical phenomena.

For example, from straightened gravitons and phonons, and inserted into each other, the grid of Space-Time is woven, woven.

Or, for example, atoms consist of focused, concentrated phonons and gravitons that form the atomic nucleus and outer shell.

Then the atom can be considered as a corpuscle, as a cavity filled with Fire and Light.

But back to our charges. The charge, as we explained above, manifests itself if the energy density in the ether field increases or decreases locally. But since this field is of a double binary nature, then the charge also has a double binary nature.

In general, it must be said that the whole Universe is based on a binary principle. This is the foundation, this is the pinnacle, this is the quintessence of the entire world order. This is when one whole, without fail, consists and manifests itself in the form of its two components. Two component. Two links. Two halves.

The most remarkable property of binary systems is the manifestation of the Synergy of interaction – this is when each link of the binary system individually does not represent anything special, but when these links are connected, when they interact within the binary system, additional interaction energy is released, called Synergy.

The total energy of synergistic, including binary systems, is always greater than the arithmetic sum of the energies that make up the system, but work, manifesting themselves separately.

And only when the links of the binary system interact, its remarkable property is manifested – to release additional, some kind of internal energy. Where does she come from? Yes, from gravitons and phonons. Their internal energy is huge, but we must learn how to release and use this energy.

And this happens, as a rule, when some of the ether components are compacted – or gravitons, or phonons, or both together. As it is said in “Kalagia”: “… when energy is pumped into one place when a torque is applied.”. And this is nothing but a spiral funnel – a spiral vortex of energy.

So we know that charge can be positive or negative. Now we know that the charge can also have a different nature – both phonon and graviton.

Tribocharge has a graviton nature – the charge obtained by friction. This charge manifests itself when exposed to the atomic shell. Three – we get a charge. We increase the density of gravitons – there will be a minus. And in the place where these gravitons were taken from, their deficiency turned out, the rarefaction of gravitons will be a plus.

The phonon nature has a piezo charge, – the charge received by the action on the atomic nucleus. We put pressure on the piezoelectric element, act on the nucleus of the atom – we get a charge. We extrude phonons onto the surface on one side of the crystal, increase their density in this place – we get a plus in this place. At the opposite end, respectively, there will be a minus. On the one hand, the atom pushes out phonons, but on the opposite side, to restore the energy balance in the nucleus, it draws in these phonons. And this is all the second type of charge.

Now everything seems to be collected to the heap, all the components are there. Now you just need to take these charges and make them move along the trajectories that we showed for the Centrifugal type of energy movement.

The ultimate goal is to solve the problem of pumping gravitons to one point, to a certain focus, so that when these gravitons are compacted, to force these gravitons to release the energy of Light contained within them, which, by its local presence, increases the energy density in this local zone, forming a pressure gradient, pointing outward from the focal point. And then the phenomenon of mechanical expulsion will be observed from the focus point, which can be interpreted as antigravitational repulsion.

And if this phenomenon is formed with the help of a certain generator, then the generator itself will be pushed out from this point. We obtain a solution to the “Baron Munchausen” problem.

Such a generator, if it is properly manufactured, connected to power and used, is the Rod of Hermes.

What do we see? The central trunk, which corresponds to the central channel of the image of the diagram of energy moving centrifugally.

Spiral snakes are elements of the device that form an energy torus, prescribed by Kalagia when describing centrifugally moving energy as a “Circle of Influence of Energy”.

A ball is a structural element that separates the energy flows of the Circle of Influence of Energy and the funnel of the energy flow entering the Central Channel.

Beyond the Circle of Influence of Energy, we do not exert any energy impact – everything happens autonomously, if, of course, everything is done correctly.

Now knowing that the nature of the charge can be of two types, we understand that the power of the elements of the Rod structure must also be carried out from two sources of energy that produce charges of a different nature.

But before that, you need to deal with the question: “What is it – the movement of energy?”

The term “Electric Current” immediately comes to mind. It’s not just a term – it’s an attitude – it’s a wedge driven into our heads. We absorbed this, one might say, with mother’s milk, from the school bench. We don’t doubt it. Nobody doubts.

Ask what an electric current is, and in response, thousands of voices will sing: “Electric current is a flow of charged particles inside a conductor.” In wires, this is a flow of electrons; in liquids and gases, this is a flow of ions. Everything! The beauty!


And just try to respond. They will spread far and wide. They will tear it into a small one, into a vest.

There are no streams of charged particles in conductors in the event of such a phenomenon, which we call electric current – this stream does not exist.

But then the question is: “What is it then? What carries energy? If you stick your fingers into the socket, you will immediately understand – this is energy? What then carries this energy, if these are not charged particles?

The answer is that energy in electrical circuits, with the manifestation of factors that we call electrodynamics, is transferred by longitudinal density waves that arise between atomic bonds in the crystal lattice.

If the substance of the material is capable of forming these waves inside its crystal lattice, we call such a material a conductor.

In liquids and gases – there are real ions, there is a real flow of particles of matter. But we will not touch on this. We are interested in electrodynamics. These longitudinal waves of energy look like this:

What is a wave? Let’s take the course of the school (approximately) … A wave is an ordered process of oscillation of particles forming a wave near the equilibrium position. What can a wave do? A wave, and this is the main thing, can carry energy. And since there is energy transfer, it means that the wave can exert pressure, affecting the energy density of this wave.

Yes, the wave carries energy, but the wave does not carry any particles. Oscillation of these particles “back and forth” near the equilibrium point, this wave forms, but does not transfer anything anywhere. This means that there is no current of particles and cannot be.

In this case, the circuit must be closed. And the phenomena that accompany the wave transfer of energy inside the conductor, which we know as magnetic and electric fields, are also only wave processes, but of a more complex nature and form, about which we still know little. These wave processes can also transfer energy, but these waves do not transfer any substance, some substance.

A longitudinal wave in a conductor, which we perceive as an electric current, propagates along interatomic bonds, interatomic threads formed from gravitons and phonons, opened into longitudinal cylindrical spirals, and lined up “at the back of the head” to each other.

Then, in these longitudinal cylindrical interatomic spirals, somewhat reminiscent of springs, during the formation of a longitudinal wave, zones of densification and rarefaction will form. And this is nothing but a manifestation of charges. Each element of a longitudinal wave, each of its period, formed by compression and rarefaction, has a minimum charge. That is why the energy flow of a longitudinal wave can be identified by us as a flow of charges. And it is right. But this is not a stream of particles, it is only a stream of an energy density wave.

I am telling all this in order to explain that with the help of electrodynamic phenomena, it is impossible to obtain any over-unit phenomena of the manifestation of additional energy.

In order to receive this additional energy, its, this energy, you must first release their ethereal particles, creating the necessary conditions for this. And the most important of these necessary conditions is the densification of the ethereal substance.

But this ethereal substance can be condensed only if this substance is introduced, plunged into a real dynamic process. In our case, we need a process of helical injection, helical dynamic pumping. But in any case, this is a dynamic process, in contrast to the wave processes occurring in electrical circuits.

That’s why we need a generator that could provide this dynamic process – form and support.

For this we will use electrostatic generators.

In general, the term “electrostatic generator” is very deafening. What is electrostatics? This is a branch of the science of physics that studies motionless, static charges. And what do we know here? We know Coulomb’s law, we know a couple of formulas, we know that an electron has the smallest charge, and we know the numerical value of this minimum charge. And that is all!!!

Giant knowledge! We also know the value of the minimum “zero” level of the density of the ethereal substance. This value is a parameter that we call “Electrical Constant”. Did you know it? That’s it… Meanwhile, in English this constant is called “Vacuum Density Constant”. Did you know it? O!

And all this applies only to stationary charges – this is real electrostatics.

About real electrodynamics – about real dynamics, about the real movement of charges, we know nothing. From the word “absolutely”. But it is real electrodynamics that is the door behind which there is a path to unlimited energy.

Meanwhile, before our ancestors knew about it incomparably more. Just knowledge destroyed. Concepts and definitions have been replaced and replaced. Brainwashed with various theories like “Theory of Relativity”. We put on an industrial basis a technique for withdrawing various achievements in this area through the use of patent offices. Organized en masse the work of various committees for the “Combating Pseudoscience” for public and wide condemnation, ridicule, defamation and criticism of both researchers and all sorts of attempts by these researchers to get to this closed knowledge.

You won’t find any information on the net. Everything is in the archives. Something in the libraries.

I found something on the net and was amazed at what scientists were doing at the beginning of the 20th century. Electrostatics is represented by various types of generators, for example. Electrostatic transformers, for example, have nothing in common in design, they have nothing in common with electrical transformers. That’s right, some little things. The question is, why was it necessary?

Nothing… Let’s figure it out… We return to our sheep.

To obtain dynamic processes, which we will call aether dynamics, we need special generators.

We know them. These are electrical generators. These are Tribogenerators. These are piezo generators. There are also nuclear ones, but this is not about us, ordinary people.

Tribostatic generator. This is a Van der Graf generator. mechanical type. Simple. The stationary Brush rubs against the moving conveyor belt, charges are generated and these charges are transferred to the terminal in the form of a metal ball. Variety – pellet generator. In addition, the principle of electrostatic induction is applied.

Piezogenerator. It is mainly used to ignite various types of lighters, to ignite all kinds of burners.

Electrophore generator. This is the most important generator. Overriding. I myself only recently got to the bottom of its true purpose. Although I have been using it for more than one year, the truth has only now been revealed, although it has always been on the surface. We will talk about him.

An electrophore generator, or an electrofork, is an electrical machine designed to multiply a charge, separate it and distribute it to capacitors.

An electric fork, in itself, does not have its own charge, but it can multiply in large quantities and in a short period of time a charge brought from outside.

I remember when I bought it, unpacked it, twisted the handle – damn it, it doesn’t work. Get online and ask. It turned out that you first need to put the initial charge on the disk. Or a comb, or a newspaper between the disks to insert and spin – I did, and the machine started working.

Here is the electric machine. Works, in this case, with a tribocharge. A tribocharge is a graviton charge, where the negative charge is active.

We turn the handle. The generation has gone. How the generation itself takes place on the basis of the law of electrostatic induction, I will not describe th

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