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A trip to Singapore to start a new life. Here, the protagonist will find hope, betrayal, pain, will live a torrid love story with a disconcerting woman. How does he end up in the hell of Bang Kwang, a Thai maximum security prison? What makes him become a completely different man, capable of the darkest atrocities?

A captivating mafia, mystery and violence story that will carry you through waves of feelings and adventures that will grip you from the first page. A novel filled with emotions and a surprising ending that will leave no one indifferent.

Sometimes life doesn't offer many options and those offered don't have to be the ones you are keen on. You don't even have to like them.

Readers say…

”Let yourself be captivated by Sumalee and Trakaul”

”A surprising plot”


”A pleasant surprise”

”Intrigue, strength, romance and much more”

”You won't want to stop reading”

”I've been hooked from start to finish”

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17 Dezember 2020
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Very nice book!. It is read very easily and keeps you in suspense until the end. Revenge, love ,mafia, sex… I liked it a lot.

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