The chance to start a new life. How to make a conscious choice

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The chance to start a new life. How to make a conscious choice
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“It’s all about thoughts. Thought is the beginning of everything. And thoughts can be controlled. And therefore the main thing of improvement is to work on thoughts.”

Lev Tolstoy
Dedicated to my Parents and my only daughter, Jaylene, who became a source of my inspiration and mental strength.

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© Ida Prem (Turkan Gasimova), 2023

© Daniil Antipenok, cover design, 2023

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Words of Gratitude

I am sincerely grateful to my parents, who supported me in every possible way during the writing of the book and my daughter, who became my inspiration. I am grateful to all spiritual teachers, thanks to whom I got acquainted with the truth and learned the secrets of the creation described here. To all doctors of sciences and medicine who helped me to learn a lot about the structure of consciousness and the power of thought. And of course, to all those close and dear to me people with whom I went through the experience of life, acquiring all the knowledge and practice that I described in this extraordinary book.

Thank you all.

I almost forgot, I sincerely thank myself for the fact that, once in my teens, I decided that I would write a book. I kept my word to myself. It was my “choice”, and it brought me here.

Ida Prem


I’ll be honest with you and say right away that I least of all like reading the introduction, because in anticipation of the book I immediately want to start reading it quickly and “bite off” a piece. But for lovers of concise content, I will still write a couple of words.

Here you will get acquainted with the laws of the creation, discover a lot of knowledge that you can introduce into everyday life. You will get a large number of discoveries related to yourself. You will realize how you can establish inner contact with your deep Self. You will find a lot of information on how to separate your own desires from those of others. You will understand the cause-and-effect relationship of what is happening in your life. You will find a lot of interesting things about self-love. You may even discover your childhood traumas that control you and prevent you from developing. A new world of emotions will open up for you, and you will be more conscious of them and thereby be able to control and monitor your thoughts that precede them. All this will be the beginning of your new awareness of yourself and the world. New unique miracles will begin, and they will be only yours. Unique, magical and delightful.

The meaning of the book can be summarized in one phrase that I use so often in my life:

“Genius lies in simplicity.”

Chapter 1. The fate

“The fate doesn’t push you where you don’t want to go. You are the one to choose. You choose your own fate.”

Richard David Bach

How do you really learn to manage your life, fate and circumstances? The fate usually favors those who speak positively about others. What we say about other people actually forms a certain attitude towards us from the people around us and those close to us.

Everything we say about other people and about ourselves is associated with others, of course, with our image as a whole. For example, if we say something kind, open, sometimes even with a little self-criticism, but most importantly, sincere, then we are perceived as positive-minded, benevolent and open people, free from complexes, not needing to hide our shortcomings. At this moment, it becomes more pleasant and safe to communicate with us, wariness is removed. Over time, a kind of positive environment forms around us, which attracts the same well-disposed people to us. But of course in life no one is immune from negatively minded people. But, believe me, they will not

stay long on your energetically positive background. Thus, what we say actually shapes our environment. Do not forget that every day can be the last one, because no one is immune from anything. Those who practically consider every day their last one, planning it, and live here and now, get the most out of life. Life is what happens to us here and now. So, every day is the most important thing in life. Therefore, if you have any desires, dreams and everything that you put off for so long, you should try to realize them right now and get great pleasure from it. Right now, it is important to contact those people with whom you want to do this, because, honestly admit to yourself that often we give the least love to our most beloved and closest people. You need to take care of loved ones, travel, enjoy life right now. There are so many people in the world who buy fresh bread every day, but at the same time they eat up old bread, and during this time fresh bread also becomes old. And as a result, such people always live yesterday, and eat stale bread all their lives. It is worth being attentive to your life and appreciating every moment, every impression and experience. Only those who try to think positively, easily letting go of negativity and not allowing it to influence life, are truly happy in life. Sometimes some negative emotions, resentments and problems start circling us all the time in a whirlwind of constantly rolling pain, and thereby attracting all the same negativity that was once in our lives. And do not be surprised, because this is your internal program or belief, which will always unquestioningly work one hundred percent. It is very helpful to let go of all emotions of pain and emotional holdings. And, the main secret and medicine is awareness,

just as the Buddha said. By giving up wishing evil on others and focusing on the good, what we think about will happen to us, including what we wish for others. It is no coincidence that they say: “Do not dig a hole for another, otherwise you will fall into it yourself.” So, if we, because of some negative emotions in relation to another person, wish him harm, first of all, we program our life and future for this. And vice versa, if we wish others good and success, then unconsciously, psychologically we prepare ourselves for the same pleasant events. And if you have some habitual algorithm of actions, then the result is often simply programmed by the process itself. The world develops through mistakes and random events, and not through something habitual.

The fate gives us the possibility of a new choice only through random events, respectively, in order to change something in your life, it is worth giving a chance to the so-called chance and remaining open to new opportunities. For example, take a different route to work at least a few times a month, visit places you have never been to, and meet new people from new areas. The unconscious will keep you from erroneous actions and decisions by any means. Our subconscious mind somehow knows what we need, and if we go the wrong way, it shows signs, we just need to be able to see and understand them.

What are the signs? Signs are basically an unlikely event that for some reason happened right now when we are making a decision. And the less likely it was for us to occur, the more important this sign is. For example, illnesses and injuries often signal that we are moving in the wrong direction, going to false goals, following other people’s settings instead of making efforts for our own happiness, and therefore, our unconscious mind is trying to keep us. And if we do not listen to it, then the deep “Self” will eventually try to turn us off completely. We own only what is really earned by efforts, time, knowledge and care. In fact, this is a continuation of the law of conservation of energy. If each of us takes only what we really deserve, then harmony and balance will be preserved. And vice versa, violation of this law will lead to a non-equilibrium state in the system, and this system will come to equilibrium in any complex way, taking something away from some and adding something to others. And therefore, if we take some benefits or resources that do not actually belong to us, fate will somehow take them away from us in order to restore the natural balance. Based on this rule, if for some reason we received more than we deserve, then life wants to distribute it through us to those who really need it. This means that our system of values or environment is suitable for redistribution, and fate itself will tell you exactly who needs to be helped. If we look deep into this topic and follow this law, we insure ourselves or others against adverse events. The fate will be more favorable to us.

I would advise many to try to give up value statements and judgments. What does it mean to value judgments? In fact, there is nothing bad and nothing good in our dual world. The fact is that this is our egocentric perception system, which is accustomed to perceive only extremes and in no case combine them into a balance. Also, for example, when we start giving advice to another person, they often have the illusion that we know the correct answer better, although this is, of course, impossible. The correct answer and decision depends on so many subjective and unknown factors that we will never be able to correctly assess and understand the situation from the point of view of this particular person. On the other hand, it can activate a negative program in them that controls them through life. And many have it. It is shifting responsibility for your life and for your decisions. Look, if you are asked for advice, then just try to expand the list of possible visible options for such a person. Help to find the pros and cons of each option, and then their life experience, logic, experience, intuition and most importantly, the higher and deepest “Self” will lead them, perhaps even through mistakes, to the correct answer so that they realize all the lessons of life, go through that path of awareness and already choose the best option for resolving the issue from all possible ones, suitable for them. Value judgments are the same mistake. By giving an assessment, we program a person. In addition, evaluation is most often capable of destroying even good relationships. Therefore, instead of telling someone “you are bad”, you should first learn to talk about the feelings that we experience as a reaction to the actions of another person. Unfortunately, in our society it is generally not customary to talk about feelings, and even more so about negative ones. We are mostly accustomed to blame, rather than in communication to talk about the feelings that led to these reactions.


It is very useful to know that there are also things that you simply never need to think about and know about. It is better not to know too much and avoid opportunities to become a witness to the negative actions of other people. We forgive those who make mistakes, but we hate those who witnessed our serious mistakes, so it is better to avoid such situations ourselves. If we don’t manage our goals, then someone else manages them. Note, not no one, but someone else. Often we get money for going not to our goals, but to the goals of the one who pays us for giving up our own goal. We are holding on and fighting for our freedom. In general, freedom is not what you are given. This is something that cannot be taken away from you. There are three freedoms that should not be allowed to be restricted – freedom of movement, freedom of communication and freedom of information. And if we want to take an important step in life, it is important to understand whether it will limit one of these freedoms. And if any of these freedoms are limited, it is worth considering whether the price is not too high. People love those they care about, and the more effort, time, feelings they put into another person, the more they love them. So if you need something, don’t be afraid to ask for it, it’s very helpful to let other people take care of you. Understand, this will only make them love you more. It is very important to respect personal space, both your own and another person’s. Thanks to personal space, a kind of field for development, we develop, better form and maintain our individuality, and it is our uniqueness and individuality that is valuable to others. If we do not have this microcosm, the necessary set of conditions and resources, then it will be extremely difficult for us to develop. Therefore, it is important to protect personal space and try not to let anyone in there. It’s like a shrine to your deep “Self”, the paradise in which You and You are. And people who want to check your phone, read your mail, eavesdrop on a telephone conversation, get into a computer or bag, should simply be avoided. Following the same law, we show respect for the personal space of another person. Yes, of course, reasonable selfishness is necessary, and if we do not respect ourselves, fight for happiness, then no one will do it. It is necessary that this respect for yourself first of all come from yourself. Reasonable selfishness is a kind of unique balance, without which it is impossible to grow your freedom and self-respect. It’s very simple. The business that we like has a chance to become successful if we want it, and in order for us to like it ourselves, it just costs us to do it well once. If this is impossible, it should be done in a short time. So, for example, it is better to have an unpleasant conversation quickly and forget about it than to delay and accumulate negative emotions about it. Our unconscious and true Self will always choose the best option available. The more options we have for solving the situation, the more correct option the unconscious will choose, so our task is to expand the number of possible options for comparison and choice. Sometimes we want to get answers right away, so to speak, as if asked in a “search engine”. But this does not happen instantly. And I am absolutely sure that many of you have witnessed when the answers came at the most unexpected moment, or rather, at the moment when you let go of the situation. At the same time, it should be taken into account that if some option is artificially unavailable to us, the brain concentrates on it, presenting it to us as special, and clearly pushing towards it. In fact, we often seek not so much this option as our right to implement it. Therefore, having received something that was not available before, it is useful to once again completely reevaluate all available options for solving the problem.

There are a huge number of different energy currents or flows in the world, and if you get into them, you can achieve success much faster. Basically, such flows are formed around people with good energy, a positive outlook on the world, satisfied with their lives. These are people who have a lot of ideas, they are overwhelmed with creativity. You yourself have noticed more than once that, having got into this or that society, or a company, regardless of you, you begin to think like them, feel all the positive if it is a good company, or vice versa, having got into a negative and destructive society, you become like them. This is where the collective unconscious comes into play. Communicating with successful people, we begin to imitate them, and once in such a stream, we need to strive for its center. An indicator that you are moving in the right direction is the appearance around you of an increasing number of creative, positive and successful people. Our abilities are revealed when they are really needed, this is how the human brain works. Only those abilities are revealed that a person needs at a given moment of time to achieve his personal goals and survive in general. I would also like to add that our dreams do not come true until we are ready for it. To get what you want, you need to move to a new level of yourself. It’s like, until you grow out of old pants, new ones will be too big for you. This is how it works here as well. If we do not get what we dream about, then fate protects us from this, because we are not ready for this. Let’s say that life protects you from buying an expensive car that you really want, but are not yet ready to maintain and service. The question arises: “What to do then?” The answer is simple – to prepare and do what you can, and gradually achieve a state of affairs in which the outcome you want cannot fail to occur. In fact, it is about the fact that we will manage what we can manage. We will own what we can own, and be able to be in tune with the dream, with ourselves, our actions, will, and mind. And then we stop blaming the whole world for our failures and understand that the responsibility for what happens in our life lies only with ourselves. And in order to move to the so-called new level, life will pump you, so to speak, so that you become higher or are at the appropriate level with your desires. And what happens to us is precisely those events for which we are really ready. If we want to become someone, it is worth starting to behave as if it has already happened, it is useful to start preparing ourselves and our environment for this. This does not mean that you need, for example, to buy expensive clothes and interior items, it means that you need to behave and think in accordance with these feelings. They say that money comes when a person internally resigned themselves to what they have, when they have already learned to be happy without them. And indeed, I have been convinced of this many times. When we create in harmony with what we have in our hands at the moment, miracles begin to happen. I am sure that you have come across information more than once about how the feeling of gratitude balances our entire internal egocentric system. And this is absolutely true. When you are in this state, creativity rises, all the organs of the body and senses begin to function calmly and in a flow. I will mention the topic of gratitude more than once in my chapters. And with practice in your life, you will be convinced of this yourself over and over again.

Chapter 2. The Laws of the Universe

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

The universe empowers those who correctly understand and follow its laws. You will understand this as soon as you start using the laws of the universe in your life. I would like to start this chapter by telling a little about them, or rather about the laws of life and the creation, which greatly influence our lives. But we are so involved in the game that we play here that we do not notice anything.

Let’s start with the law of energy exchange. This is also stated by one of the main and most famous laws of Einstein, the formula of which is Е=тс2. Everything in the world consists of energy, it is always in motion, a person constantly exchanges energy with other people, radiates something and receives something in return. The first principle of this law is that balance must be maintained in everything. If it disappeared somewhere, then it appeared somewhere, the energy absolutely does not disappear anywhere. If you have sent something outside, then it will be returned to you. Let’s say, if you send negative thoughts, complain about life, they will return in the form of unpleasant events that will confirm your words. If you thank life for what you have at the moment, you will receive even more benefits, feel a surge of energy, joy, peace and security. And if you want to achieve balance in everything, learn to give and receive equally. As life shows, this is not always possible and not everyone succeeds – some people give a lot, but receive little in return, because they do not know how to receive, others take a lot, give a little, and then an imbalance appears. In life there are situations that show that the balance is not maintained. If you identify the causes, work through the problem, then harmony will be restored. It is very important, because sometimes there is a feeling that everything seems to be going as it should, but inside there is an unreasonable feeling of dissatisfaction. This is precisely the sign of an imbalance in the acceptance and return of energy. You can fool your mind, but you can never do it to your body. It is always sensitive and always tells the truth.

The second principle is not to take anything for nothing. If you take something and do not thank in return or do not give money or any material goods, then in the future a situation arises when you lose something, or your income decreases. If you provide a service, wasting yourself physically and energetically, but at the same time answering gratitude: “Not a big deal”, then it’s better not to say that. You devalue your work, so you rob yourself. You inform the universe, the world or the creation, whatever you want to call it, that your work requires little time or costs nothing. Now it will seem to you that this is another esoteric text, but the influence of words and thoughts has been proven by the famous professor P.P. Goryaev, and if you are interested, be sure to check out his scientific papers. You will be pleasantly surprised how everything in our world is interconnected. The skew also occurs when you help a person who didn’t ask for help. You think you’re doing a good thing, but they don’t think so. The spent energy returns to you in the form of indignation from the fact that the person is ungrateful. A knot, which will then have to be untangled, is tied. The third principle is that the more you give, the more you receive. It is applicable in any sphere of life. If you send more energy into the universe, you will get more back. Here we need to strike a balance too. Give more if you yourself do not find yourself at a loss, and if you have entered into an agreement for the provision of some services, do a little more than stated. But, if you are asked to lend, and you yourself are almost at zero, you should not give the last money, you create an imbalance by putting another person in the first place instead of yourself.

The law of free will and choice. Our planet is called the planet of free choice. This means that every person has a choice, no matter what situation they are in, any situation begins from the moment of choice. You make it every second. If you don’t like the situation, you find yourself in, fix this moment, you are at a crossroads from which many roads start, and you make a choice which one to take. Everything you’ve done in the past has led to this moment. But if you want your tomorrow to be different from today, make the choice to go the other way. Start acting differently, it’s hard to get a different result if you do the same thing day after day. Changes can start with the simplest things – change the route to work, change the daily routine. In general, you can start with very basic things. But here I will tell you about the secret, if you start to change something in your life, do it gradually. For that simple reason, your consciousness, having felt drastic changes, begins to perceive it as an impossible task. It is very lazy, so it is difficult for us to learn something new, because this forces it to create new neural connections. The only very effective way is to gradually introduce new skills, but it is important to apply willpower and the intention to continue these changes.


The law of abundance. The universe is abundant for everyone, it has an unlimited number of resources for any person. But look – in fact, only a small percentage of the world’s population prospers, the rest of the people earn money day by day, because the consciousness of lack prevails among the majority. The constant “background” feeling that there is not enough for everyone. But most prosperous people do not have this mindset, because these people initially believed in their uniqueness and that life is abundant. They generally did not allow this thought, in their minds it simply did not exist as such. Abundance consciousness is the belief that all that you have given will come back and even if you are short of money at the moment, there will come a time when all this will change, because the state you are in now affects your future. If you want to be prosperous tomorrow, choose to do things differently now. The consciousness of poverty is a temporary phenomenon. At the moment you may not have money, but this does not mean that you are poor, you have a family, a roof over your head, friends, love of loved ones and a job. If you have at least some of this, you are no longer poor. Money is not a measure of wealth. Life is full of not only material goods, everything else is also of great importance for a person. Instead of complaining about the hard life, be grateful for the benefits that you have now. Thus, gradually the consciousness of poverty will fade into the background, giving way to the consciousness of abundance.

“Causes and effects are innumerable in their number and variety. Everything affects everything. In this universe, when one thing changes, everything changes. Hence the great power of man to change the world by changing himself.”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The law of attraction. The principle of this law is that like attracts like. You attract exactly what you already have inside. If you are happy and harmonious, harmonious and happy people are attracted to you. If you are pessimists and skeptics, you think that everything in the world is terrible, you attract such people and such circumstances. To stop attracting negative events, stop exuding negative thoughts and emotions yourself. If there are a lot of critical people in your environment, but you don’t behave like that, ask yourself a question. Most likely, these people signal that you do not notice some shortcomings in yourself, do not see your shadow part. Learn to accept yourself as a whole, and not just your virtues. Without the shadow part, you cannot become whole. After all, admit it, it is so easy to accept yourself as a good, kind, merciful one, but we live in a dual world, the task of which is the integration of polarities. Acceptance of two sides, both dark and light. It’s like knowing and accepting your darkness, but always choosing to be light. Accepting yourself as anyone is the whole secret of harmony.

The law of evolution. The physical body is limited in time and life. But the exact age at which real old age will come depends only on you and on your desire to constantly develop. As soon as a person stops evolving, they begin to age. One can become an old man at the age of thirty.

The law of reason. What you see now is the result of your past choices and actions. Any event has a cause— effect that you committed earlier. If you don’t want to have in the future what you have today, make a decision to go the other way, take responsibility for everything that happens in your life on yourself. Remember what choices led you to this result and start acting differently.

The law of distinction. This law is related to the expression of one’s truth, and people often break it. Each person has their own truth, their own vision of the world. Starting to live according to this law, you take as a basis that you have your own truth, and others have theirs. The truth of others is no worse than yours. If this is accepted as an axiom, conflicts, clashes, disputes will disappear, because you will stop imposing your point of view and picture of the world on others. Every person has the right to express their truth, learn to express your truth gently and confidently, find the right words. It is important to maintain a balance so that your borders are not affected, and the person is not offended. This law imposes certain responsibilities on you. If you have decided to carry your truth, realize that others have the right to express their opinion about you, which may be unpleasant to you. What matters is the message with which you speak your truth. And if your goal is to offend, humiliate a person, then you will get a “return”. If you lovingly express your point of view, even the unpleasant truth, it is quite possible that a person will listen to you, even if not from the first time.

All these laws are intertwined with each other. It is impossible to draw a line where the action of one law begins and the manifestation of another ends. By applying these basic laws, you can change your outlook on life, and then life itself. It is important that they take root in you, and you follow them simply on “autopilot”.