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I have always had a preference for women's clothing, ever since I was a little boy. Most of my life I had it under control, but as I got older, the fascination only increased. After I got married, I discovered that I had a whole wardrobe of women's clothes that I could try on whenever my wife was away. Eventually, the fear that I might dirty or tear something of hers and get caught urged me to invest in my own women's clothes, which I could keep hidden in the attic.

Over time I built up a nice collection of skirts, panties, garters, stockings and even high heels and a wig. A flesh-colored body stocking covered my hairy legs and arms, so I didn't have to explain shaving to my wife. When I added some artificial breasts and a dildo to play with, my collection was complete. Whenever Kathy was away for a few hours, I took off my clothes and turned into my female alter ego Suzy. Of course, in my games Suzy was a total bitch who only wore miniskirts and teased the men to the extreme before she finally sucked their dicks.

When my wife was called out of town to look after her sick mother for a week, my imagination ran away with me. On Monday, the first day she was gone, I hurried home from work and quickly turned into Suzy. I spent almost an hour applying make-up, then I put on my garter belt, stockings, bra, panties and my shortest miniskirt and blouse combination. When I got into my 5-inch heels, I thought I was going to cum right away! I managed to stop the orgasm as I strutted around the house, reveling in the fact that I had a whole week to play.

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