Diagnostics of karma. The First Book. The Field System of Self-regulation

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Diagnostics of karma. The First Book. The Field System of Self-regulation
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Author’s note

Dear reader, please check your emotional state before starting to read this book. I highly recommend you refrain from reading this book if you feel resentment, irritation or any negative emotions towards others.

You’re now holding not just a new book on a topic that attracts much attention, but an exposition of an original concept exploring the laws of the spiritual world, which direct the material. This is also an analysis of opportunities for entering the world of bioenergetics.

The main purpose of this book is to understand the inner and outer worlds of man, uncover and examine the laws that control them; to expose the rules of exploring bioenergetics, as personal development must start with understanding the world, comprehending its laws, perceiving oneself as a part of a united system of the universe.

Contemporary humanity has distanced itself from its spiritual origins. It is similar to a ship with a mutinous crew, a missing captain, a punctured hull and a broken down engine. Some of the crew already realizes what is going on. Calls for reconciliation and repairing the ship begin to appear. But the main problem, which remains unknown to the crew, is that the ship is heading for a reef, so even repairing the boat without changing the course cannot save the ship and its crew.

Humanity is facing a danger which is much more serious than a nuclear threat, the threat of spiritual disintegration. The most terrible losses are those we do not notice or feel, as death appears first on the energy field level, and only after does it appear to the physical body. Today the process is reaching a critical point because, what today comprises our spirit, tomorrow will become the bodies of our children and grandchildren. Thus, the more damaged our spirit is now, the more damaged the future health – spiritual and physical – of our descendants.

The information I obtained while researching the biofield structures of humanity is quite serious. The spiritual potential, accumulated by saints, psychics and founders of world religions is now almost fully depleted, and the lack of development in strategic thinking will create great problems in the future. The enormous potential of bioenergetics is directed, not at the comprehension of the surrounding world, foresight and prevention of future problems, but at solving primitive tactical daily tasks. Humanity is on the threshold beyond which lies either spiritual rebirth or death. Salvation lies in the personal spiritual quest of every person. We must realize that each of us is responsible for the fate of humanity and the life of the Universe.

Imagine this: a man who wants to learn how to drive a car is placed in a vehicle, blindfolded, given the wheel and then shown where the gas pedal is. At this point the training is finished. The numerous schools of extra sensory study, in a very short period of time and for a relatively large amount of money, will give you the same level of knowledge in the field of bioenergetics. These schools differ only in “the model of the car’ and “the power of the engine’ while one should start with learning the rules of the road and the mechanics of the automobile.

Without understanding ourselves and the surrounding world, without serious training, the effects of entering bioenergetics may be more dangerous than blindfolded driving. This book is therefore dedicated to the rules of conduct in the spiritual world.

There is one more warning. To fully disclose the topic I must provide some basic information regarding the means of entering energy field structures. I don’t advise anybody, having read this book, to attempt doing the same. It is dangerous not only for the person who thoughtlessly tries to replicate my experience, but also for their relatives. Only a very limited circle of people, who have certain abilities and special training, may attempt to do this.

And lastly, many readers will find rather unexpected and new information in this book, which may be reminiscent of scenes from science fiction. But I am a researcher and – despite all the unbelievable facts and conclusions given – this is our current reality having been checked many times and proven by the results of my work.

Chapter 1
The Concept of a System of
Energy-Field Self-Regulation
and the History of its Development

When one monk – after praying for ten years to God for the gift of healing and obtaining it – came to his elder and told him about it, the wise man ordered him to go back and pray that God take the gift back and instead grant him vision of his sins.

The results of my research in the realm of bioenergetics have been obtained through 20 years of work in this area, a philosophical comprehension of the world and, also, through convincing confirmation of the main philosophic and theoretical hypotheses in practical work.

What is this book about? Humanity is now facing very serious problems, and our future depends on our ability to solve them. It is customary to believe that our main problems come from a troublesome ecology, threats of nuclear war and dozens of other external causes. In reality, the main reason for troubles is contained in man himself; to change the world we must change ourselves first.

It is much harder to change oneself than the surrounding world – we have no sources or systems explaining how to fundamentally change our thoughts, world-views and our spirituality. The ways offered by contemporary philosophers and teachers are, at best, an attempt to rehash accumulated knowledge, whereas the main point of focus should be on understanding the world and seeking ways of self-development.

To change the world and to influence it, one needs to understand it. Understanding the world is the beginning of its change. We often have distorted beliefs about the world and blindly try to conquer it, but, in fact, – we destroy it, hurting ourselves along with it. We need to realize the degree of our dependency on the world and our connection to it. We must know the laws by which the world lives and develops.

My research is focused, first of all, on understanding what man, his mentality, his subconscious and the Universe are.

It’s time to leave behind the primitive materialistic concept that man begins and ends in his physical body. A human is a very complex information-energy system, composed only of a few percent body and mind. 95—98 percent of a person are information-energy layers of the subconscious, just as unknown to us as the Universe.

When dealing with issues of human health and illness prevention I first look for causes, and every time, I receive confirmation of the imperative of human spiritual development. Unfortunately, currently there is no unified system of knowledge that could help us develop our bio-energetic abilities without bringing harm to mankind. Bioenergetics has so much potential that one must be very careful, gradual, when entering its sphere, starting, first of all, with ethical development. Ethics and an understanding of the world are the highest protection, but our expertise in these areas is quite poor. Any serious action should be well prepared, as neglecting preparation may lead to degeneration and death instead of spiritual growth and positive changes. Unfortunately, these processes are present and the tendency towards degeneration already exists.

I’ll try to reveal the reasons for man’s pitiable physical state and show a means of improving it through correction of subtle energy fields. I will also define a competent approach towards bioenergetics and the possibilities of man’s development. An understanding of the surrounding world and the highest self-discipline are preconditions for the advancement of the spirit and soul – they are now required for survival. This book contains essential information for understanding the complexity of the problems every person faces today. The point is that during the last two or three years all the energy processes on Earth have accelerated and, what is called “karma’ in Hinduism, the law of retribution, has sped up ten-fold.

All my life I’ve been trying to understand the world in a new way. Since childhood I felt I had innate abilities, but intuitively I didn’t direct my efforts towards their development. Instead, I endeavored to understand the world as I always felt that understanding is more important than the accumulation and refining of abilities.

Many times I’ve heard stories about the power of a curse – that it can be passed on hereditarily through generations. Many examples can be found in literary fiction. The following story, described in the book “From the caves and jungles of Hindustan” by E. Blavadskaya touched me deeply when I read it in the 1970’s. In an Indian village, Blavadskaya had a conversation with the descendant of a formerly powerful king who told her the following: during one of his trips, the king generously rewarded wise men, as it was traditional at that time, but he forgot to give a gift to one of them. This wise man was mortally offended and cursed the king. Terrified, the king fell down to his feet and started begging for forgiveness. The most interesting part of the story happens here, in my opinion. The wise man said that it was too late, the curse had already taken effect and it couldn’t be stopped. As a result, king would lose his throne. However, the wise man promised to save the king’s life and that of his descendants. And so it happened that the king lost his throne and his descendants were scattered all over India.


My path to bioenergetics came through casual acquaintances with magic, sorcery and different practices of folk healing. I have traveled all over the country studying them.

Every time, when analyzing new information, I strove to find the initial cause, to understand the source of a family’s misfortunes, what is the reason for such phenomena as the death of a blood-line, inherited illness, and so on. It was absolutely clear to me that genes could not be the source of this information – it must be contained and passed on to descendants by an energy field. When this conviction reached a certain point I had just a “simple” thing to do – find the responsible structures in a person’s energy field for retaining and transferring the information from one generation to another. I strongly believed that these structures existed and named them “stable information groupings”. Since the mid-80s I persistently tried to detect them in the energy field of man.

I finally managed to achieve this goal in the beginning of 1990. Once while at the First Medical Institute, I was approached by one of the psychic healers on staff asking me to help resolve a difficult case. His patient’s energy field had been torn. After treatment it would normalize for a while and then again a tear would appear.

What happened next one might call an “enlightenment”. The patient’s flabby, cotton-like energy field that I previously perceived as emptiness suddenly became elastic; I could feel it reacting to my intrusion. My hands detected the powerful structures penetrating the breakage in the energy field. Immediately my perception changed entirely: what I had perceived as a breakage became, for me, a stable structure causing the energy field’s deformation, leading to loss of energy. I realized that I had just found that which we call “illness” in the energy field – that which determines the patient’s physical state. This was a qualitative change in my understanding, as now it became possible to diagnose illnesses before their physical manifestation, that is – not only to cure them, but also prevent them.

I decided that I could put together a group of healers, teach them the method and start working on preventing many illnesses. Moreover, it wouldn’t require any medication. The only thing required would be good mastery of the method. If only I had known…

I worked as a healer for a year thinking that these structures defined the condition of the physical body only. Gradually, however, I started to accumulate facts that didn’t fit this concept. During the healing process I noticed that patients’ characters and even destinies were noticeably changing. By analyzing these changes, I had to admit that a person’s character, destiny and illnesses were somehow interrelated, but these relations were multifaceted. Particular deformations of energy field structures could manifest in various ways: they could become different diseases, mental illnesses, pathological changes in character, injuries or misfortune. Diving deeper into these facts I came to the conclusion that health, character and even a person’s destiny are determined by karmic structures. All of the information about a person and his physical condition is encoded in his energy field. There is also a dialectic relationship between the energy field and physical structures and they can influence each other. Destiny and character are also encoded in energy field structures, thus if one influences them, gradually, a lot can be improved.

The more time I spent researching, the more incredible were the findings. I’ll try to describe the magnitude of this method’s potential based on examples of treatment of various diseases, correction of complex life situations. I will also give examples testing different events, objects of inanimate nature and other research.

At the beginning I was using traditional methods of extrasensory energy influence in my work.

One woman was in the hospital with a lung edema. She was in very bad condition, and doctors had no hope for her recovery. Her daughter approached me asking for help and I started healing from a distance. Shortly after, the patient could breathe without her oxygen mask. Doctors could not understand what was happening. Their patient was getting better and better every moment – her face gained some color, she sat in her bed and asked for something to eat, even though she had rejected food for several days.

There was another story that happened to my brother the surgeon. While operating on an elder woman who was in extremely weak condition, he cut his hand. His hand and lymph nodes became swollen and he got blood poisoning. He was in really bad shape – antibiotics didn’t help. I tried to help my brother. A few minutes after I started, he felt some kind of pricking in his lymph nodes, then the swelling gradually dissolved and in an hour, his temperature dropped back to normal – he began to recover.

How did I start to heal people? I spent about ten years doing research, studying the literature on Eastern techniques and getting some knowledge about the methods of energy influence on humans. The first stimulus that led me in the direction of healing was a fact from Rasputin’s biography that inspired me. A woman, who wrote a memoir about Rasputin once came to him, depressed, because her friend in Kiev was dying. When Rasputin found out about her grief he promised to save her friend. He stood in the middle of the room and turned pale in front of her eyes. His face became as white as wax. He remained in this state for two more minutes, before regaining his natural color again and announcing: “Everything is fine, your friend will live’. A few days later a telegram came with news that the girl’s life was no longer in danger.

I was reminded of Rasputin’s story when my friend’s daughter became ill – at first she had measles, and then complications started: meningitis and bilateral pneumonia – I decided to try influencing the situation. I really wanted to help, I had a great desire to do my duty, and if there was even negligible hope, I would use it. On Monday, about two in the afternoon, I focused and transferred my sincere wish of recovery to the girl. At the same moment, I felt almost physically that something had changed, that somehow I had made some impact. I became confident that I had managed to help. On Wednesday I met the father of the child and found out that the girl was getting better.

“When did the improvement start?” I asked him.

“Two days ago, in the afternoon at around two o’clock,” was his answer.

In 1988, I was approached by the mother of a girl whose vision had started to rapidly deteriorate. The girl was undergoing medical treatment at the First Medical Institute, but despite all doctors’ efforts, they couldn’t find the cause of the illness and her vision continued to worsen. They could not locate the infection and antibiotic treatments did not give any result. I started to work with the girl at a distance. After the first session I noticed some improvement and offered to carry out two or three more sessions. In two weeks the girl was fully recovered and was released from the hospital with twenty-twenty vision. I didn’t find the cause of this illness, but I managed to stop the process and bring her vision back.

Time passed by. The girl’s vision was normal, but after a couple of months she suddenly started to feel pain in her kidneys. She was taken to the hospital with a painful attack of kidney colic where she was given antibiotics – but again there was no improvement. After a while she was released from the hospital with unsatisfying test results and aching kidneys. We had another four sessions and, again, she came to full recovery. I was delighted: medicine is powerless, no drugs could help, antibiotics gave no result and I did.

At that time I still didn’t realize that all parts of the body are interrelated, I didn’t know that illnesses could move from one organ to another and, moreover, I didn’t know that character, destiny, spirituality and some other parameters of human beings were also part of this system.

So, the girl was healthy. More time passed. During this time my skills improved and I started to see that the human organism is a unified system, where health, destiny, character and mentality are inseparable. I saw the girl’s mother and was disappointed to find out that, even though the girl was in brilliant health, she suffered a very difficult destiny. I tested the value of her destiny parameter and it was quite negative. This usually leads to great problems in life.

Thus I realized that taking care only of health issues, focusing my attention only on the body, I managed to improve one link in chain known as the “human” system, at the cost of all the others. I had healed the illness, but hadn’t removed its cause and the illness was transferred to her destiny. I understood that I have to treat a person as a united system. This allowed me to see those “root” causes, which really affect all the parameters of a person.

As further testing showed, the cause of all of my patient’s problems was her mother’s being deeply offended at her husband during pregnancy, deforming the structure of the energy field responsible for her daughter’s health and fate.

Throughout the next few years I continued to use distant healing with my patients using the energy in my hands. About five years ago I realized, for the first time, that this method was imperfect. I treated children in one family and, having noticed that their grandmother wasn’t well, I offered to help her. At the beginning she refused. She told me that she had stenocardia requiring them to call an ambulance five-six times a week, but she had accepted the situation and didn’t believe that there could be an improvement. Looking at her energy field I saw that her heart was healthy. We had a few sessions and her condition improved each time. On our third session, I felt with my hands a deformation of the field – there were noticeable violations of the energy field in the area of her heart. I made a few passes with my hands and the deformations would disappear, the energy field would smoothen, but after a couple days the heart condition would return.

Then I hypothesized that there must be a unknown mechanism. I needed to find out what it was. Analyzing my patient’s condition I felt that it was something to do with an event in her life.

“What happened to you two years ago?” I asked.

“My sister died.”

“What did you feel?”

“She was so healthy, strong – and she died, but I’m sick and still alive.”

I understood the reason for her illness – colossal stress remained in her subconscious mind, which provoked her stenocardia attack. To remove it I needed to change the woman’s outlook on the world, her attitude towards life and death. I explained to her that death is just a transition to another state and she shouldn’t take it so tragically. We should not regret the past, as regretting it we are subconsciously trying to change it, move things that cannot be moved. This causes an uncontrollable and enormous waste of energy. To prevent this leak of energy that may lead to very serious consequences, the organism blocks it with an illness on the physical level. We had a couple of sessions of auto-suggestion training, and her attacks stopped.

Powerful stress, disagreement with something or regrets about the past especially if emotionally empowered, pile up in the subconscious mind and provoke serious illnesses, as they create deformations of energy field structures. Correcting these field structures using energy can harmonize them, but not always, and most important – the very cause of the illness is not removed and can reappear any time in another place. This example confirmed that, without a clear method of diagnosis, without understanding the cause of a disease, healing blindly has no future. If I cannot explain how I am helping and what heals during sessions – it is like wandering in the darkness.

Further development of my method occurred at First Medical Institute. I was working on two issues there: healing and simultaneously trying to find ways to protect the healer from the influence of negative energy fields. I worked month after month, but my achievements weren’t significant.

Once I had a female patient who had evidently had an evil eye cast upon her. I saw the structure of the evil eye in her energy field and thought that by removing it, I could remove the evil eye itself. At that time I didn’t realize that these structures were karmic, I considered them to be a result of a negative influence of an “other”. I treated all patients with similar distortions by removing these structures mechanically and the person would feel better. Shortly thereafter, however, patients appeared whose energy field deformations could not be a result of an evil eye.


For example, once a woman with a young infant came to me. I saw that the woman’s and her baby’s energy fields had the same structural deformations and they were caused by some particular event in the woman’s life. Moreover, the mother’s energy field deformations were formed several years earlier. I already knew that these kinds of deformations were related to ethical issues – they would appear when a person hates or resents someone. I could remove these deformations using magic techniques such as spells, with a gaze or with my hands. I later came to understand that what I was seeing was an information field, not a physical body field. Therefore my method of treatment remained the traditional bioenergetics approach: I’d concentrate, pass my hands over troubled areas and the deformations would disappear.

At that point I decided to test my potential, define my maximum capacity. I would schedule thirty-forty appointments a day. I was wondering how much I could withstand. The feelings were very unusual. After a week of such pressure I began feeling very tired, I would come home barely alive, my face gained a green-colored tint. Then I noticed that something was going on with my energy field, I felt as though my brain were “boiling’. I treated the situation as a researcher would and continued working under maximum load, I didn’t stop the experiment; I was really curious as to how my body would wiggle its way out of this situation. My body’s choice wasn’t the best… but I didn’t realize that immediately.

A young woman came to see me. We had two sessions together and I removed all of her illnesses. We arranged that she would come back one more time just for reassurance. When she returned, I noticed that she had some strange changes: she had become pale, had allergic reactions and some problems with her mental state. I couldn’t understand anything at that point, so I wrote down her phone number and tried to do healing at a distance over the phone. I also asked the girl’s mother to write down everything that was happening in the meantime.

It was quite an extraordinary case – it was the first time when a patient’s condition became worse after my influence. Itches and rashes appeared on the girl’s body where I had passed my hands at a distance of twenty to thirty centimeters. When I was reading her mother’s notes I, terrified, realized what was going on. What I was doing was referred to as vampirism. I was taking her energy. Having given my body the extreme overload I provoked myself to subconscious vampirism and began taking the energy from my patients. I had to stop all treatments because my body was now trained to react to any critical situation, in exactly this way – it would take another’s energy. As I work distantly, I can take anybody’s energy. I was gridlocked.

I decided to forget about bioenergetics forever; I saw no potential in further work. I hadn’t strayed from the traditional methods of contemporary psychic/healers work, but by pushing myself to the limits for only a few days I discovered that the methods of energy “injection” and contactless massage were fruitless – they didn’t give the results I had sought all my life. I could do remote healing just by the power of my will, I’d mastered all types of pressure point massage, I knew all methods for breathing techniques and nutrition. But I saw that all the methods could give only temporary relief, they would not heal a person.

The female doctor I was working with at the time, tried to support me, asking me not to jump to conclusions, advising me to have some rest and think it over. Right at that time we received an invitation from a doctor of Voznesenie Village Hospital to spend Easter with him and get some rest. I needed the time off. I also thought that after a little rest and some time to think the situation through I could make a decision. Subconsciously, I hoped that I would be given a sign as to whether I should continue my work, whether I could find a solution.

We went to Onezhskoe Lake and visited an old wooden church from the XVIth century. Easter was wonderful with fast changing weather: at the beginning it was snowing, then it started to rain, and then the sun came out and suddenly we saw a rainbow right over our heads. I went for a swim in the lake and felt myself renewed, gaining certainty that I needed to carry on doing my research. I needed to find, however, a method that would allow for healing people without any energy influence upon them. I started my search for it.

I could see a person’s karmic structures and I started to influence them indirectly through the person’s understanding. After finding the reasons for the karmic structure deformations I would explain them to the patient. I completely refused any energy transfer using my hands. It was a very painful period. At the beginning I couldn’t master the method and the results were less satisfying than the energy work I had been doing with my hands. It took me a few months to improve the method and gradually I started to see results that I could not have achieved using the energy method. Thus I understood that this method was the future, and that, first of all, I needed to find the reasons for karmic violations, and then to examine them. I needed to study the information and pass it over to the public. I could only ever heal hundreds of people, whereas I could give an understanding of root causes of illness and paths out of it to millions.

Since then I have become a researcher, and a researcher only. Facing vampirism during treatment pushed me towards understanding that the appearance of disease is related to a violation of ethics, so treatment should be directed to comprehension of these violations and changing the person’s outlook on the world. Illness is one of the paths of spiritual development. This information has been known for a very long time, we just forgot it for a while. It was given to us in sacred books many centuries ago. The main thing is to understand one’s mistakes, apprehend them and, through repentance, reach harmony with the Universe, the Divine.

With my ability to see karmic structures, I can measure any healing influence. I can see the changes happening to physical and energy field structures of a person while he comprehends his actions, as the body depends on the spirit. The body, however, simultaneously has an impact on the spirit, thus treatment should be directed toward both body and soul, but first on the soul and spirit as they are primary.

The elimination of energy field deformations through comprehension and repentance gives excellent results relating to people’s physical health. And since there’s some time interval between the appearance of energy field deformations and an illness itself on the physical level – this method is becoming irreplaceable in early diagnosis.

Every time, I worked with patients I strove to penetrate into the essence of the illness, strove to gain an understating of what the illness was, where it came from and what its role was in the life of the person. I studied the human energy field using my hands, dowsing rod and pendulum.

In 1986 I met V.B. Polyakov, who was the head of the laboratory of bio-dynamic measurement. One of the achievements of Polyakov’s school was its successful use of ponderomotoric writing1 in medical diagnostics and its high level of accuracy achieved in both distant and contact express diagnostics of the physical field. I found something of paramount importance to me in Polyakov’s method: diagnosis was the primary focus, influence was secondary.

1similar to automatic writing, the difference is that in automatic writing the information is presented in symbols which you can read, and in ponderomotoric writing the information is presented graphically