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This work of Inspirational Poetry, "Ocean Of Love", containing mainly Haiku's, is the culmination of years of dedication to God and to the study of the Great Religions of the World. The poetry is about my journey, on my path for God, which I believe we are all on. This work contains deep eternal Truth's set in simplicity for all ages to enjoy. God is Love, as the Sufi's of old and many Saints have written about in the past. These are deep verities for all to rejoice in, because we are all of God. The book started out as poems about the Fruitages of The Spirit and blossomed into, Oh so much more! Positive Affirmations are part of my daily regimen, this book is written in a positive style, you go away feeling uplifted. There are Treats for young and old alike in this Inspirational Poetry book "Ocean Of Love."

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