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Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations in the Consumer Revolution
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Social Media Strategy: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in the Consumer Revolution, Second Edition is a blueprint for the practice of marketing communications, advertising and public relations in a digital world where the consumer has taken control. The consumer revolution is not about giving up or giving in; it is about adjusting methods to affect change, support traditional efforts, and leverage consumer influence for the good of the brand whether it's a small business, large corporation or non-profit organization. Its real world examples and statistics make it a highly accessible text for students. This new and updated edition presents a fuller, integrated approach to the traditional disciplines of marketing, advertising, and public relations. Adopters of the first edition will find the original structure and approach in tact with additions that take a more integrated look at social media strategy. It features a new chapter on law, ethics and etiquette, and updates on key topics such as social media careers, personal branding, storytelling, paid social media, messaging apps, live video, influencer marketing, B2B social selling, and all major social media platforms. Enhanced pedagogical features include:

social media calendars, metrics, and budgets; chapter checklists to keep statistics updated; expanded chapter previews; new case studies and a 200-word glossary; and updated online tools and resources.

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