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Autoren:David Meerman Scott, Steve Garfield
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The era of online video has arrived—now make it work for your business In the last year, the world of online video exploded. Hollywood got into the game, professional actors and writers joined in, and independent producers looked to find their niche. Now, companies are wide awake to the opportunities for product and brand promotion as well as customer engagement. So how do you want to fit into the new online video universe? The must-have guide, Get Seen by Steve Garfield, the «Paul Revere of video blogging,» offers a quick and complete toolkit to get you up to speed on the latest that online video and related media have to offer. Examines success stories of how companies have used online video Presents a series of plans and tools that businesses can follow as they expand onto the social web Provides clear step by step directions on how to record, edit, and export videos, where to post them, how to build a community around their content, and what to do to increase views by making it go viral If you're ready to take full advantage of online video's many benefits, Get Seen is the one resource you need.

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