a mirror of the consumers
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Neuromarketing's science is articulated as a combination of marketing, medical knowledge, and the latest brain scanning technology which enabled the insight into bioelectric potentials of the brain. Prior to neuromarketing, the credibility of traditional research techniques was based on the degree of accuracy and honesty of respondents' answers. By developing neuromarketing, the observer is able to unambiguously detect changes by recording brain activity from the scalp of the respondents and identify the engaged brain region as a result of a particular stimulus from the environment. Changes in the nervous activity induce variations in cerebral metabolism, hemodynamic and electromagnetic signals, which can be measured by one of the following neuromarketing techniques. Emotion Response Analysis (ERA) uses electroencephalography image to identify the emotional response an individual has to a product or advertisement. Improving understanding of neural mechanisms in decision-making and insight into individual differences in behavior and personal preferences enables marketers to significantly promote more effectively. The ability to detect and measure the bioelectric potentials of the brain makes it possible to realize the old marketer's dreams to see the true reactions of the consumer and thus properly understand the behavior of the consumer. Consumer neuroscience studies the brain to predict and potentially even manipulate consumer behavior and decision making. Tools and methods used in neuromarketing analyzes are rapidly developing the ability to better visualize consumer subconscious responses to environmental concerns. In fact, neuromarketing represents the bridge between marketing and neuroscience, a research field that is developing extremely vigorously.

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