Soul in law

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Soul in law
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Soul in law

A book about the real world order. There were many books, but… I believe in what I write. The structure of childbirth, solving problems with time paradoxes and much more.

1. Soul in law

In Russia, they proposed to introduce God into the law, and abroad he is in the law. And we do not strive to introduce the soul into the law, but although it would be correct to introduce a clause banning experiments on the soul. Unlike God, the soul exists. The existence of the soul is confirmed by irrefutable evidence of witnesses and photographs. But where did it come from and who is the creator? Human. In the past, we did not create souls – a fact. So in the future we will create.

There is such a term doppelgangers – they saw the same person at the same time, but in different places. For example, Stalin and he did not find his double. But he does not remember his walk on the beach and did not smoke on a public beach, in accordance with current laws. Which proves the possibility of passages in time.

Traces of the beginnings of civilization: stupas, arrows, shoe prints were found in the era of dinosaurs or before. Read Baigent Michael’s book: “Forbidden Archeology”, they did not pass this at school.

Darwin himself was inclined to doubt the independent origin of some species from others. Hence directed evolution. Another civilization would not produce competitors… Therefore, we will take care of evolution, we will create souls.

And the opening in time will be slightly opened to us from the future.

From the story of Mikhail Moro “Astral doubles or doppelgangers” it follows that in the 1950s Stalin was seen in different places at the same time. Is this fact really verifiable? No one saw where he came from and where he went, as if he appeared from the air and disappeared in the same way, and he was investigating. This is proof of the possibility of transitions in time and space. Actually, there are many such cases.

Why hasn’t the present-future communication channel been established yet? And if we admit the existence of defective souls, in which the area responsible for morality is acting up or absent and call him a devil. It was not in vain that they said the demon had moved in… That is, souls apart from the body can return and accompany themselves and influence themselves, and then accompany the future life and only then be born or return to the body again. A woman has a feminine soul and is always a woman and never a man or an animal, also men are always men from the day of creation. Devils are a billion times smaller than us, they were revealed, they were born among us, and their souls are among us. But they have no morals, and they blackmail that they will negatively influence people: to anger, push them to rash and dangerous actions, scare, etc., hinder the establishment of a full-fledged communication channel.

How do spirits communicate with people? Emmanuel Swedenborg wrote: “The conversation of angels and spirits with a person is heard as clearly as the conversation of a person with a person, but no one from those present hears it, except only the one with whom the conversation is taking place.

The reason for this is that the speech of an angel or soul first reaches the thoughts of a person, and from here, along the internal path, it reaches his organ of hearing, so that this latter is set in motion from the inside …”– contact communication is obtained.

Souls have been photographed, archaeological finds have been recorded, hasn’t Comrade Stalin preserved for us traces of the investigation into the search for the impostor? Read the book, I specifically wrote here – I answer. And the soul is in the law, and not only in the Russian Federation, but throughout the world. In one place they will create the devil, we will endure with the whole Earth, at all times.

2. Official confirmation of the existence of the soul

According to eyewitnesses, they saw the soul that was created. Filming was carried out abroad and the souls were filmed with night vision devices (you can search on the Internet). Maybe the Ministry of Science will confirm it in the minutes? Will make shootings in order to reveal the soul, but without fail recorded with an accurate indication of the time and announcement of the results. It’s not the order when a soul identified abroad is not recognized in Russia, but we will reveal it again in Russia, the state does not have the right to ignore the fact of the soul’s existence.

Once seen, then looking for evidence. I don’t know what device was used to shoot, but we need to find such a device or another that can capture the subtle matter of the soul. And officially prove the existence of the soul. And then we can bring the soul into the law. In case of detection, announce it publicly. And introduce a law prohibiting experiments on the soul, except: Communicate, photograph, film and weigh. Either put all the believers in psychiatry or… do a scientific research, support. This issue is important and requires state regulation.

If found? Where did the question come from? No other civilization would create competitors for itself. And there is no God. Therefore, there are passages in time, or scientists to believers, what are they proving nonsense there? So in the future, when we gain enough knowledge about the soul, we will release a limited number of souls, I don’t think that more than 1 billion.256 million. things.

If there is a soul, then our body is a walking computer for it. And we reincarnate. As the body wears out, we are born again. Souls have passed from the future to the past. From here, are the inconsistencies in evolution explainable, from the point of view of directed evolution? Australopithecus is stable like a Neanderthal, 4 million years no changes and a sharp jump in evolution, etc.

Both our soul and the devil’s can control the synopses of the brain. And we accompany ourselves protecting ourselves from devilish souls as angels. That is, drug treatment is permissible only with a physiological change, and not with a symptomatic one, without physiological changes. And mental pain is not treated with medication, but must be fixed. This is important for the development of medicine, we will be able to help in the future, so the protocol with an explanation of the situation. That is, by continuing to treat what is not treatable, ignoring the obvious facts, we become at least inert creatures, and some of us can write that life has always existed and at the same time ignore the existence of the soul.

The definition of the behavior of devils is in religious literature, but they obviously live and are born in human bodies. If you read clearly not about patches, but about behavior and. etc. And it’s not nonsense!!!

3. Shooting the soul

If you see and hear souls or decide to shoot them, then communicate with them, they hear you. You have to use the method of communication and filming to determine: Whether the souls hear us without contact or only by contacting us by embedding in the synopsis and transmitting information from each other through contact, through their tentacles.

For example, you repeat the question: how do you communicate with each other? If they have been separated several times, it is possible that they can communicate with each other at a distance.

Can you hear us from a distance. If they fly up and fit into a person’s head, perhaps contact, only.

Show us passages in space. They will probably disappear and reappear a little further away. Ask in time to demonstrate whether new ones will appear or all will disappear.

Experiments can break devilish souls. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out several recorded surveys. To a complete understanding.

4. Dealing with souls

We don’t cut, we don’t prick, we don’t lock, we don’t blow, we don’t paint, we don’t set fire, we don’t blow up, we don’t drown, we don’t stick it into fire and water, we don’t poke any reagents, we don’t poke our faces into food, it’s better not to touch it at all. They are alive and the soul is a person. If you want to take a picture, please suggest. If you want to look through a microscope, ask. If you want to look through the eyepiece, look, your right. If you want to see or hear, ask. If you want to weigh, find the exact scales, not the corpse, and agree that 1 soul, 2 souls, 1000 souls weigh so much, but how to accommodate them, you need more scales. We don’t go into moving in and out, because we don’t know how in an abstract example 1. No pranayama, suffocation – as this is life-threatening. The openings, if you look at them, can also demonstrate, it quietly disappears, after a meter it quietly appears – this is in space, and in time at what time it passed, it appears there, and disappears here. But it doesn’t split… And comes back again.

5. Existence of God

God is supposed to be a living being – which has always been??? It turns out: life has always been? Life can only be vectorial and infinite, it can only be in one direction. That is, there cannot be a being that did not happen. According to science there is no God. According to beliefs, no one saw him. Life can only be vectorial, that is, the origin of life from inanimate matter, and then development, well, or a segment in the case of extinction.

But according to the same beliefs, they saw the soul that was created. From a scientific point of view, what has been created exists, all the more so with irrefutable evidence in the form of photographs and eyewitness accounts.

I believe that all people are good, and only under the influence of devils, people not themselves, but devils with human hands, scare God, do not accept statements that contradict their worldview, commit crimes, intimidate people with God, his punishments offend people. We have laws on Earth, written by man softer.


People did not understand the laws of the world order, the world order was singular at the time of the birth of religion. If the word singularity is replaced by the word not understanding, then everything is clear. So they write in the definition, what is beyond our understanding… a singularity.

Angels can be transported from one place to another, there are eyewitnesses, they saw it, and teleportation is scientifically impossible. But they carry over! – it means they know how to create an opening in space, and this does not contradict the laws of physics, it corresponds to the scientific point of view of the world. And after all, there are many such cases when people are our visible bodies, having disappeared in one place, they appeared in another. Consequently, this skill is available not only to souls, but also to denser structures, that is, a person can use openings in space, but he will learn how to create them later, which means that transitions in time are still real.

Now the question is, we did not create souls in the past, but they are there. How? But we could, having studied the souls enough, create them in the future, and sent them to live in the past. Therefore, souls have already traveled through time, and time has succumbed to scientists. But this is not a time machine, as in the movie “Back to the Future”, but a device that makes an opening in time and you can drive through this opening by car – and call it a time machine, but you can also walk. Science does not stop wormholes. The concept of strings and wormholes was introduced just the same by scientists, I think this says something.

Do you think angels, devils showed you as proof? The human soul knows more than the devil’s, both our soul and the devil’s can control the synopsis of the brain even from the outside, that is, without living in this body, but in any case, training and discipline are needed, that is, nothing can be done independently, first learning in the future and only then organized action. And what do you think angels, archangels, etc. – always angels and archangels? It is unfair to always walk in submission, the feeling of the injustice of the world order when you read about the class of angels.

But in fact, they died, learned, etc., and who will become who depends on the skills of skills, discipline, having been an angel, there is an opportunity to become an archangel, etc. After death, they will teach. Approximately you work during the period of life, maybe in another time, as required, and you are born, live, die, work as angels and are born again. The structure is like in the army, you have trained, you know, you know how to do it better than the rest, you are appointed and obeyed, or you are still obeying, depends on perseverance and diligence.

The human body is a biorobot, for the soul. That is, the soul uses our brain and body, it turns out I am a symbiosis of soul and body. The soul is created and infinite vectorially, and my body grows old and dies. The soul leaves the body. And… further, the soul is a very complex structure, do you really think that we will produce an infinite number of souls? Then to them, why go to suffer without a body? No, one soul will live in many bodies – which means one thing: we will reincarnate. We can reincarnate into a neighbor, we won’t contradict the laws of physics. And why do we live in several pieces at the same time? Because the devils hinder the transfer of knowledge. People do not know and give birth and give birth, many countries can no longer feed themselves territorially, not to mention the fact that oil will run out, in 30 years we will have to travel on vegetable fuel. And what about countries with overpopulation? It is time for some countries not to multiply, but to shrink.

We will not produce 8 billion souls. And let’s produce 1 billion 256 million souls – according to the Vedas, just a multiple of 16. We will reincarnate according to the Buddha, we will create devils by mistake. Catholicism describes cases of movement in space. You will somehow unite under science or read your religious books based on science, and we wish scientists faith in facts purchase. Maybe from this point of view to look at the world order. Man also rereads evolution, he is weak and helpless from birth. And remember in religious literature, the devils could sometimes make a mess, that is, confuse the consciousness of the writer.

Start with the origin of God – so we will not create it, but we did not create it. What is not created and did not happen does not exist, life – we created trees, grass, animals, humans. Created souls. And each soul has its own couple, its son and daughter, and the population of the Earth should have become a constant value. Now love your neighbor as yourself, you don’t know who you are in a past life and who in the next, offend someone, what if you yourself live in this body and offended yourself? Or do you still have respect for everyone?

From the point of view of science, and even without science, the most beautiful children are mestizos, therefore we will all be reborn in order to avoid national diseases, remember? It’s about bodies. And our souls were created in a structured way, and each has its own place in the structure of the human family tree. 8 generations of souls, and then repetitions.

And life did not originate on its own, and scientists of the future created the first living cells from inanimate matter. Do not reread the laws of physics. Using the material that is there, using the tools and technologies of the future, scientists have created life. And many generations of scientists dealt with this issue. They could and did. This is what they can do.

6. About attempts to create openings in time

Here are 2 abstract examples:

1. We ended up on an unknown planet and came across a reservoir of unknown origin with unknown inhabitants, and we climbed to swim without knowing how to swim – the consequences?

2. We came to the pool and after watching swimming techniques, after listening to the instructions, we learn from an instructor who will teach us swimming and support us physically – consequences?

Inventing the drill of time now is like point 1 of an abstract example, either the reservoir is sulfuric, or full of sharks, or a geyser. And we must come to point 2 of an abstract example, if instructions were transmitted from the future, I consider it important to adhere to them. And act in concert and with the support of the people of the future. We will all visit the future and, having understood the laws of life, we will express our opinion. Every step we take is subjected to scrutiny by the people of the future. People already know how to manipulate time and space in the future – where should we hurry? Already invented, already know how. The scientists will create the first opening in time under instruction, during their stay in the future.

We should be grateful to the believers that they carried the knowledge about the soul, of course, not everything is correct in the scriptures, but… And the scientists were wrong and religious literature was written by people. Let’s separate the lie from the truth… and the truth will remain.

Of course, we, the people, structure the Tree of Genera. Where did I get that 8 generations? Room of a Thousand Buddhas – 8 shelves that can mean generations. Why are there only boys? We have patronymics and surnames in the male line, so it’s clear. If we imagine that each surname has its own place in the circle – the son under the father, etc. It is more convenient to write from beginning to end, but we write from top to bottom. That daughter runs to her husband, and the daughter-in-law to her son. And the girls weave a web in each circle along an endless broken line and each man is connected with another man, she came from her brother, and her sister went to her husband. But there are 87.5 million men in each circle and the same number of women. This is if the Vedic figure of 1 billion 256 million is divided by 16, we are paired people. I could try to draw a similar circle, but my circle is only divided into 50 divisions – a little less than 87.5 million. That is, boys, carriers of surnames are in place, and girls get married and the last 87.5 million stick connect with the first one.



Bride Road.

If the angle of movement of those standing nearby changes, it turns out Periodic drawing, but I can not check. And in each circle it is so, but the angles of movement can be different, that is, the trajectory, circles 8, the number of circles corresponds to the number of generations. Is there such a computer and when will it be available?

7. Family tree

Having created souls, a person could not but structure the genealogical tree, a person has everything in order, including the structure of the genus. Each person has a couple and this couple has their own children: a boy, a girl. It is immutable, it is the law, it cannot be otherwise. For many years, the population of our planet should have been unchanged.

There are 8 generations in the family and so on in a circle. Dying, people move into their own parallel race, in which the same souls and the same 8 generations. These 2 parallel families, parallel brothers and sisters, never marry each other.

1. great-grandfather____0

2. grandfather_______30

3. father______60

4. self_______90

5. son_______120

6. grandson______150

7. great-grandson ____180

8. great-great-grandson _210



A parallel genus in a run, for about 4 generations.

The numbers between births correspond to the years counted from the birthday of the great-grandfather. And a person needs to be born every 240 years. And so we decided to create 2 clans (bodies), that is, we should be born approximately every 120 years and live forever. (I describe how they decided) And if I myself am point 4, then I am the same age as point 8.









It turns out 2 parallel genera. Great-great-grandson-great-great-grandfather are their great-great-grandson-great-great-grandfather, great-great-grandson-great-great-grandfather. A man is his own descendant, his own ancestor. A woman marries and continues her husband’s family. It turns out from one clan comes out and goes to the clan of the husband, produce offspring. It turns out mother, grandmother, great-grandmother always. And in the parent’s daughter and granddaughter many times. And the ancestor of her husband and all his family.

We are always moving into ourselves. A man settles in the body of a boy, the son of his father and mother, and a girl, in the body of a girl, and also, with her parents. Brother and sister, always brother and sister, and they should not be separated from each other, and they should know their relationship. Husband and wife, always husband and wife, never related. The husband always marries his wife, and the wife always marries her husband, it’s been that way since the day the souls were created – that’s the law. If the husband was born, then the wife should be born in his time, and if the wife, then the husband is after her. And no instance has the right to register another marriage. You can’t marry someone else. The vector of time always runs forward.

We often encounter the fact that a brother and sister were not born to their parents, but in parallel to their own. Then those who are not with their own give birth to the grandchildren of their parents. Another question, if the parents are several times, foreigners will continue the family in Russia. And where is the overpopulation, why at the same time live several pieces at the same time? Here are several parents, etc. And when we start to shrink, this is what happens: for several families, 2 children. Here you need to know. Someone was born once, and someone many times. And giving birth one at a time is not an option, here someone needs to be childfree so as not to separate brother and sister. Chaldfree is a person who voluntarily refused to give birth to a child in the current life.

Polygamy, the work of devils. In one man, the couple was not born, and in the other 3—4 times, at the same time was born. Where to put all your wives? It’s all the machinations of devils. Polygamy breaks the law. Devils can not be taken as a wife, but for fun you can. And always give birth to their children, the same age as their wives, husbands. There is a small population in Russia, and it was decided who would be born from abroad to us, the first-born are ours abroad, it turns out not from their mothers and fathers, and then they give birth to their own children. Yes, these are endless rebirths.


What’s the point, the soul is not born? The answer to the question is, I don’t know. And if I decide to leave and not be born, what should my husband do and where will our children be born? They will take the children, but what about the husband? And the number of the genus is 1256 million. Human. Only 1 kind of souls has been created, which are born alternately in 2 parental branches of bodies. And all consist in one large matrix of the genus. In any case, according to the plan, it was like that, but it turned out… more on that below.

Why do we need wars? What are we sharing? Why are there so many religions? Truth must remain, not faith, but Knowledge.

Each person should know his matchmakers, his couple, children, parents.

8. Parallel delivery

If there are 2 parallel genera of people, then we still must periodically unite these genera. It turns out that we, by a joint decision, can be born in our parallel family. But this is a thousand years. So that the genera are not far apart genetically.

Ideally, if I have a daughter and a son, and everyone has a daughter and a son. Then if the son and daughter hold hands, and the daughter takes her husband with the other hand, and he holds his sister, etc., does it turn out to be an endless fence? No, it turns out a vicious circle, and the 157 millionth person – the son’s wife will take him by the hand and the circle will close. And since in the family of 8 generations it turns out 8 circles, and then repetitions.

Дерево жизни _____

And the second one is the same, our parallel tree.

It turns out the number of souls of people, a multiple of 16. The wand is my family, and the points on the circles are my matchmakers, and in each circle, the location of the birth changes. Since, I count from myself, I draw around me, but this drawing is true for every person. In the meantime, our tree resembles: shapeless scraps, spirals, etc. It turns out such a tree, infinitely, that is, the Sun, will turn into a white dwarf, and we will be reborn in the same way, only in another Galaxy. Forever. Endless branch. And our families can be whole forever. Not invented by me and not decided by me, but understood, accepted and written by me.

Are we like that? That’s when it will be so, we will have everything in openwork.



Дерео жизни следами в одну сторону надписи..


I drew it here to make it clearer. I placed the “round dances” of generations in the same plane, along the Y axis, which corresponds to our stick – this is time, my time moves down. That is, in each round dance, the same representatives of surnames, but different generations.

If we imagine that the points on the ovals are imaginary people, then it turns out that in each plane, on different ovals, members of the genus change their location and always find themselves next to their couple, but you can draw how there are 1000 Buddhas in a room, then in each oval 87.5 million lines, meaning the way to the husband’s family, the men are all in place, and the women are running. But in any case: everyone marries his own. And birth is always the same. That is, all the souls of people now living on Earth line up in one big family. Our parallel families are building their own tree and the participants in the round dance, the same souls and disposition, respectively, too. We build the 1st tree, and the second is the same. It turns out we are twice a family. 2 trees of life. And parallel parental lineages never marry among themselves.

2 древа жизни_____

If we imagine that the ovals lie in different planes, then it turns out that we all, together with our matchmakers, should give birth by agreement at about the same time. So that there is no big difference between the couples.

But, in reality, the daughter’s fiance could be born 1 year older, and I cannot give birth to my son and daughter on the same day, unless they are twins. The difference between the children will be, if the oval line indicates the date of birth of the children of the matchmakers, that is, the grooms and brides, then it will fluctuate. But fluctuations are the norm, and jumps can only be between brother and sister – the difference in age. That is, we, the whole planet, must come to a consensus and strictly implement the decision. And if the fluctuations are large, and in the next generations, someone will have to give birth as soon as they enter the fertile age, and someone will grow old, so that the bride and groom do not have a big difference in age.

9. Tree of life

I really wanted to read about the real structure of the world. And books about the world order still need to be found before reading. That is: “I died and after death my dead relatives were waiting for me, who accompanied me to the place of birth. Since I had already read about the world order and knew my family, I had no questions. I also witnessed the birth of my future wife, and she witnessed mine. I also helped on the instructions of the government, distracted the devils. Where is it? Maybe I haven’t read it, but I hope I will. I wonder how a person who does not know in life reacts? And how was it explained to him that it was not necessary to climb where it was not necessary? And also this text: “My husband and I went and looked at how we live, made deja vu, and they also told my mother” I love you “at 3 months. Mom’s eyes got big. Where is it? This text was dictated to me. For what? Everyone knows about the future. Everyone needs to know and understand. Scientists write deciphered the Phaistos disc. They write from the edge to be read.

And I look, in the middle along side A, the tree of life in the form of a flower, (I will also draw a flower, for clarity, below) exactly 8 petals, then the man walks from the center through the maze. Division, this may his life. There, along the path of the little man, there is the Tree of Life in the form of a flower, which means they still remember. And then people forget, they think the symbol of the genus is just a flower and they start drawing it like that with 6 petals.

He comes to the exit from the labyrinth, at the exit from the labyrinth he has my tree drawn as I drew, but 4 generations are indicated and then the transition to another native genus. And there was still a path not yet traveled, it turns out that he should be reborn within the labyrinth on the edge, but although he had to leave the labyrinth. That is, beyond the knowledge, although at the beginning of the path there was already knowledge, but he is born from the edge in order to re-cross the line of knowledge. Knowing that it was the flower of life that a person went along the edge, consciously he must return to darkness. And then he “leaves” the labyrinth forever.

Same on the reverse side. I am not qualified in this field. The history of the Earth is on one disk, wow… The Vedas have 1 billion 256 million souls, as I remember. But from some 10 thousand, we had to give birth to the bodies of several billion, and there is a branch bifurcating, that is, the number of people is growing? And the Tree of Life is found all over the Earth. Some suspiciously common sign, don’t you think? And Maya has a man in the center, an eight-pointed star, from which I conclude that someone there was knowledgeable. And the Egyptians draw a line and people in the line and they have an eight-pointed sign. It is this prevalence that makes one believe in it. What else was so spontaneously widespread on Earth, during the period of disunity of the Earth’s population? Who distributed? We!

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