Little Girl In The Tree

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Little Girl In The Tree
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Little Girl In The Tree

ISBN 978-3-96984-111-2 (epub)

Idea & Text: Copyright © 2021 Astrid Seehaus

Proofreader English: Dr. Timothy Thompson

Illustrations: © 2021 Ciça Camargo

Coverdesign: Copyright © 2021 RoSe@Design

Originally published as

Das Mädchen im Baum

in Germany by Astrid Seehaus, Undine 2021

Copyright © 2021 Astrid Seehaus

Undine Verlag, Tannengasse 3, 37339 Wehnde

Ebook made by

Zeilenwert GmbH,

Schwarzburger Chaussee 74, 07407 Rudolstadt, Germany

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